Meetings and Fields of Ministry

The church's main meeting is the Sunday service - SUNDAY 12. This is when the whole church gathers for teaching and worship. Parallel to the teaching for the adults, the children have their own Kids Church organized according to age-group. The church's services are marked by a youthful style in praise and worship, and fresh and lively preaching and teaching. An atmosphere of love, faith and expectation characterizes both the services and other fields of work. The church meetings are translated into English, and sometimes into sign-language.

April 2017 we planted a new Church fellowship targeting the young adults every second Sunday. 'SUNDAY 19' is a growing community, and everyone is welcome, even if you are younger or older!

Karisma Church is an international church with members from over 15 different nations. During the course of the week there are children's work, youth meetings, teaching, groups for newly saved, prayer and other activities for various groups.

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Adjunkt Hauglands gt 52
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51 91 18 80

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Tirsdag - Fredag 10:00 - 14:00

Kontonummer: 2801 38 71606
Org. nummer: 871 339 902


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