Key dates of our History

1916: Zion Church (Pentecostal) is established in Stavanger

1981: Arnfinn Clementsen becomes the pastor of Zion Church, Stavanger.

1985-1988 Powerful time of renewal in the church, resulting in major changes. A new vision, new leadership structure and new praise and worship is born.

1988: October 1988: Reorganization of Karisma Senter Church. The general assembly votes in favour of the new name and new by-laws/guidelines comprising the vision, structure, leadership model and conditions of membership. A new foundation is laid for a new era!

1989: Autumn 89: The church encounters a difficult time with struggles. About 80 members leave the church in October, wishing to "re-create" the old Pentecostal church with the name, "Zion". Upon

agreement, they take over the Zion-building at no cost.

1990: 1st May: As agreed, Karisma Senter moves out of Zion and rents the old revival building, Bethania (today, "Stavangeren") for their meetings during the coming few years.

1991: January-March: All members are asked to confirm/renew their membership in Karisma Senter following the developments that have taken place.

1992: The church leaves the Pentecostal movement and establishes itself as an independent church.

Further developments to the leadership model/by-laws are approved by the general assembly. The pastor chooses a new leadership team, and the new church model continues to take shape.

1993: Work on the new building, "Karisma Senter", commences and the premises are complete at the beginning of 1994.

1994 - Karisma Senter fortifies and develops its vision and calling, and takes on its form and structure.

A foundation is laid for the future!

A church for a new era - we continue to build!

1995: The Bible school is started by Arnfinn Clementsen's initiative.

2000: The elementary/senior school "Friskolen Vest" is started.

The school building is completed

Friskolen Vest and Stavanger Kristne Friskole join to form "Stavanger Kristne Grunnskole" (Stavanger Christian School) in Karisma Senter's school building.

In the academic year of 2010/2011, the school has 100 pupils from 1st to 10th grade

2010: January: Karisma Senter changes its name to "Karisma Church", and joins the Pentecostal movement in Norway as a national network.

2010: August: A new pastor/pastoral couple, Tormod and Irene Røyland take over on 1st August 2010. Arnfinn and Liss-Bente Clementsen step down as senior pastor/pastoral couple after 29 years of ministry, and enter into a new function with the church as their base.

2015: Agust: An additional new school building is ready. The capasity of the school is now apporximal 200 pupils.

2017: Planting a new Service community "in the house": SUNDAY 19.

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4022 Stavanger 

51 91 18 80

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