Membership in Karisma Church

All born-again Christians are welcome as members of Karisma Church.
It is important to attend the church for a while in order to feel a sense of belonging and security before applying for membership.

In this period one gets to know the church's vision, goals, preaching and spiritual course, and one will meet various leaders and workers in the church.

Those who wish, or who want to learn more about membership are invited to "Connect". There, one of the church's pastors and other central leaders will share the church's faith, vision and structure, so that each can know beforehand what membership involves.

Karisma Church warmly welcomes you as a member of the church!

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Adjunkt Hauglands gt 52
4022 Stavanger 

51 91 18 80

Ordinær åpningstid kontor:
Tirsdag - Fredag 10:00 - 14:00

Kontonummer: 2801 38 71606
Org. nummer: 871 339 902


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