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Konferansen i Livets Ord Uppsala!

We are happy to welcome you to this year's Europe Conference

In a world full of challenges such as growing gang crime, economic uncertainty, and war, we don't believe that the church should hide or withdraw. On the contrary. Instead, we believe that as believers, we are called to go out with God's love, without fear, to serve a world in desperate need of God. Hence the theme "FEARLESS" for this year's Europe Conference.

We have the Spirit of God within us. The Holy Spirit is not a spirit of fear but gives us supernatural boldness. This boldness calls us out, to reach people in marginalized situations with God's heart. It also compels us to step out of our own comfort zone with the knowledge that God is with us every day until the end of time. With that said, we hereby invite you to the EUROPE CONFERENCE 2024. A place where our longing and prayer are that you will experience God's freedom, power, grace, and love in your life. 

July 23-28 this summer are days when you'll want to be in Uppsala at Word of Life. If you haven't already marked it on your calendar, this is your sign!

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