Positioning for growth

av Julius Mba

Hør talen fra Søndagens gudstjeneste her. I 2017 har Karismakirken hatt motto "Et år av vekst", Julius Mba bruker dette og fortellingen om Sakkeus som utgangspunkt for denne inspirerende talen.


Topic: Positioning for growth, Bible Text: Luke 19:1-10

Zacchaeus desperately wanted to see Jesus but 3 main factors were working against him; - his size, the crowd, his sin. But none of these stopped him. His goal was simple - to see Jesus; to grow!

Zacchaeus took 3 bold steps;

-          First he realized his size and the crowd as hindrances

-          Secondly he was not mindful of his sin

-          He positioned himself by climbing the tree

Some points to note:

1.       Realize that there may be challenges

In everything we do in life; as an individual, as a church, in our families; there are certainly going to be challenges and hindrances.

Zacchaeus had every reason to go home without seeing Jesus. He could have blamed God for creating him short. The crowd was not helpful either. Being a rich man, he could have used alternative means to get to see Jesus. He could have arranged a meeting with Jesus in his office. But he did not choose any of these options.

Like Zacchaeus some of us want to see Jesus today. But the crowd, the crowd of social media activities, the crowd of responsibilities associated with daily living, ... all trying to block our view. So why not be like Zacchaeus and position yourself above the crowd? Nothing could stop Zacchaeus and nothing can stop us to the level God has destined for us.


2.       Do not hold on to the negative past

Zacchaeus knew for sure he was a sinner. But he chose not to focus on the sin. His goal was to be well positioned to see Jesus.

Many times we tend to dwell on the past; the mistakes of the past continue to hold us down. Proverbs 24:16 says that it is possible for a righteous man to fall 7 times and still rise. The fact that we tried before and not succeed does not mean we cannot try again. Zacchaeus chose to be different; and we should also make a decision to be different.

3.       Make the forward and upward move

In other to continue to grow, we have to take the forward step in faith and make the upward movement. Zacchaeus ran ahead of the crowd and climbed a tree.

It is very important as Christians that we come to church meetings and listen to the word of God and also study in our private times.

And it is even more important to take action on what we have heard and read.  It is the boldness to step up and step out and apply what you have read in the word of God that changes situations. We have to be divinely positioned to move to the next level! And this is applicable to every aspect of lives.

The result of one action can have a multiplier effect. Because Zacchaeus made attempt to see Jesus, his whole household got saved. Just by one action!

Remember that you don't need to be a preacher to speak about Jesus; you don't need to have all the talents to render a service in the house of God. All that is required is availability and making the move.

Zacchaeus was probably not very good at climbing. Climbing was not his profession but he dared to make a move.

Sometimes people want to wait for God until their prayers are answered, but in most cases God has already answered the prayers through the finished work of Christ. In Rev. 21:6 Jesus Christ says "it is done...." We only need to step out and move into what God has already done.

At some point it is good to sit back and wait on God, at other times it is important to make the move and act in obedience, because God is already waiting on us to move. And I strongly feel that as we are already in the mood of growth, let us make the move and position ourselves just like Zacchaeus.  Let us seize the moment!



Positioning for growth Positioning for growth

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