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av Julius Mba

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With wings like Eagles:  Isaiah 40:27-31

God sometimes uses an analogy in the bible to explain certain things to us. It is good to understand such analogy so that we fully capture the message He is trying to convey. The eagles have some unique features, which can be related with our Christian life.

1.       The eagles operate at the very top.

The eagle builds their nest at the topmost and fly very high. Most times they do not flap their wings when flying, rather they soar in the strong thermal winds and carries them.

As Christian, our wings are our faith and belief in the Lord, and the wind is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Just like the eagle, what we need as Christians is to open our wings of faith, allowing the Holy Spirit to direct us. Zech 4:6
As eagles operate at the top with wide vision, we also will see life situations from God's perspective when we let the Holy Spirit lead us, and that will require minimal human effort used.

2.       Strength and Courage

The eagle is considered one of the most powerful birds. They dive into the storm, have enormous speed and hunts with accuracy. As Christian eagles, we are fearfully and wonderfully made according to Psalm 139:14
The eagle is courageous and not afraid of the enemy, but the serpent is one of the biggest enemies of the eagles. It climbs all the way to the top to go steal the eagle's eggs. The eagle confronts the snake. As Christians we are to resist the enemy and he will flee. Just as the eagle confronts the enemy, we are to confront the storms of life with the Word of God in our mouth and lay our life challenges on Jesus Christ.

3.       Majesty and Dominion

The eagle is regarded as the king and queen of the birds because of the way it looks and acts. As Christians we did not make ourselves king or queen. The finished work of Christ on the cross made us to be kings and priests to our God. (1. Peter 2:9)
Because Christ has made us kings, we have dominion. When God created us, he gave us dominion in Gen 1:26. And Christ sealed our royalty with His blood. So, we have dominion of sickness & diseases, over sorrow (Nehemiah 8:10) and sin (Romans 6:14)

4.       Be renewed

The feathers of eagles are renewed every year, falling off gradually and new spring up. They are always youthful, Psalm 103: 5 God renews us like eagles

a.       Though not physical youthfulness, but we are continuously renewed in the spirit, in our soul.

b.       We are renewed by the divine transformation of our mind


1.       How can we be renewed in the Spirit, in our soul and transformed in our mind?

2.       "To wait for the Lord" - what can we do while waiting for answer, guiding, healing, new strength and courage? Share experiences and what you learned.



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