Annual Report 2012

Dear Church,
We thank God for His faithfulness towards the church and to each one of us, from year to year, and from
day to day, and we expect a lot of good things in the time ahead. Jesus Himself said, "I will build my
church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". Matt. 16;18."

1. Karisma Church in 2012
Karisma Church is a viable church with growth potential. In "The church I see", we say that our church is an
international, multi-generational church with special emphasis on the young generation. This will also be
reflected in the focus and work of the church. In other words, it is essential for the future of the church that
we continually give our attention to children and youth. At the same time, we are proud of being a church
where all generations and various nations are represented. Each one of us has an important place, and a
function and purpose to fulfil in the church body, which is Christ Jesus! We will do our utmost to take care
of each other and open up for the addition of new people to the church. We thank God for the church
family in Karisma Church.

2. Karisma Mission
The Mission Council has consisted of Tarjei Indrebø, Kristin Elstrøm, Harald Vindenes and the senior
pastor. Harald Vindenes ended his involvement when he moved from Stavanger in June. We thank him
and his family for long and good cooperation in the mission ministry.
In India (Hyderabad) we work together with Moses Choudary regarding the Bible School for future pastors
and evangelists. Moses' son-in-law, Nireekshana is the principal of this school.
In Kazakhstan we have run a ministry for 11 years. In 2012 we concluded our support of our two local coworkers, since the work in the Symkent-area has altered due to the merging of churches. Pastor Jetis and
Gulmira have expressed sincere gratefulness for the fellowship and support from Karisma Church
throughout these years. The political situation in the country means that intercession and mutual contact is
We are developing our cooperation together with Pastor Robert Kaddu Andersen. He is involved in Africa
Village Outreach, an exciting work which for example reaches new and unreached ethnic groups in the
villages of Uganda.
Through Troens Bevis Verdens Evangelisering (evidence of faith world evangelism), Karisma Church is
involved in mission in several countries, with a focus on Central Asia, Africa and mission among Muslims
via 24-hour satellite TV in Arabic, with a potential 330 million viewers.
We also support Deaf Ministries International (DMI) and certain other organizations.
Preachers' Seminar.
In November, we had planned a Preachers' Conference in the Moldavian capital, Chisnau, with Pastor
Arnfinn Clementsen. Instead, Pastor Tormod Røyland travelled with Sven-David Gustavsen from Hamar.
They were the chief preachers at the national preachers' conference of the independent Evangelical Union
in Moldavia. This was a new and exciting contact.

3. Sunday Service and Sunday School (Children's Karisma)
Sunday service with Sunday school is the church's open window to the world, and the highlight of the
week. Work is continually being done with co-workers, form and content to create an attractive service. In
2012, we changed the time of the meeting as from 12th August, from 5pm to 12pm. This has also
influenced attendance figures. The percentage figures reveal:
January to June, change from 2011 to 2012 = - 5 %.
August to December from 2011 to 2012 = + 3 %.
January to June, change from 2011 to 2012 = - 17 %
August to December from 2011 to 2012 = + 19 %

Total adults and children:
January to June, change from 2011 to 2012 = - 8 %
August to December, from 2011 to 2012 = + 7 %
This reveals that Sunday service attendance was on the decline during the first half of 2012 compared with
the corresponding period in 2011 (same time of day).
Attendance increased following the change-over to 12pm, compared with the same period in the previous
year (5pm).
Sunday school attendance increased dramatically in the period from August to December 2012 compared
with the previous year. In total there was a 1% decline in attendance in 2012 compared with the previous
year, but the trend towards the end of the year was that attendance was on the increase.

4. Life groups and Karisma International Fellowship (KIF)
In the life groups, which meet every other week in the homes, just under 150 people have participated.
They meet regularly for fellowship, simple Bible study and prayer. The life groups form the foundation of
the care network in the church, and we are delighted that youth, adults, seniors, nationals and
internationals find their place in these fellowships.
International Fellowship has had 4 great meetings with about 50 people. At the forefront of KIF's leadership
group is Julius Mba.

5. Karisma Youth Alive and 18+ (youth work)
Parallel with the change of meeting time for the Sunday service, we also changed the time of the youth
meeting from Saturday to Friday. This resulted in a temporary decline in attendance. The decline was
partly due to young people moving to other towns for study. At the end of the year, attendance was at
approximately the same level as before the change-over. The youth pastor, Jan Inge Espedal, leadership
group (Dream team), and work group (Star team) perform a good and expansive work.
Work with the teenagers is in the middle of a generation shift. Many are emerging into the 18+ work, and a
new generation of young teenagers is growing up into the youth work. This is a demanding, exciting and
very important transition process. 18+ has established itself with its own leadership group of youth from
18+ and meetings once a month. The main core of youth in the 18+ group is also leadership members in

6. Special highlights
It is a blessing to be able to organize extra events from time to time. Through this we reach more people
and the events put a positive focus on our church. Highlights in 2012 included:
- Arnfinn Clementsen's New Year Seminar 20th - 22nd January on the topic,"Your best year - 2012".
- Celebration service for 18 confirmation candidates on 29th April.
- Karisma Celebration 2012, 31st May - 3rd June. Celebration for the church family with the title:
«Welcome to God». Speakers were: Åge Åleskjær, Sara Lindholm, Nicolay Zalutsky and Arnfinn
- Mission team to Poland for youth 1st - 8th August.
- Children's Karisma arranged a family day on 30th September.
- LED12 Rogaland: Joint leadership day for Pentecostal Church leaders in the district on 27th
October. 290 leaders from all over Rogaland met at Karisma Church.
- Big weekend with Evangeliesenteret (gospel centre), 16th - 18th November.
- Christmas concert with Christina Ims, band and singers on 13th December.
- Family Sunday: Christmas service and good old-fashioned Christmas tree party during Christmas

7. Church Leadership and Staff
The Leadership Council in 2012 has been
Francis Yaw Duah, Jan Inge Espedal, Steinar Helgestad, Julius Mba (commenced in August), Irene
Røyland (commenced in August), Tormod Røyland (senior pastor), Christine Todnem and Harald Vindenes.
Yaw and Harald left before the summer. A big thank you for the ministry you have performed in the church
through your work in the leadership council.
The Board in 2012 has been
Marianne Meling Erlandsen, Odd Espeland, Ole Georg Røyland, Tormod Røyland (chairman), Christine
Steinar Helgestad is also a fixed attendee at the meetings in his capacity as church administrator.
Marianne M. Erlandsen and Christine Todnem resigned from the board during the summer, due to a move
abroad and employment on the staff of Karisma Church respectively. Many thanks to both of you!
Odd Espeland assumed a position on the board in September for 3 years (until the annual general meeting
in 2016).
Employed staff in 2012:
Tormod Røyland (senior pastor) 100% position.
Jan Inge Espedal (youth pastor) 100% position.
Arnfinn Clementsen (pastor) 50% position.
Steinar Helgestad (administrator) 100% position.
Christine Todnem (office employee and principal of Jazzper) approx. 50% position (from 1st August).
Monica Austerheim (leader of Children's Karisma) 20% position (from 1st October).
Remi Hansen (media consultant) consultant position 40%.
Øystein Pettersen (building and management leader) 20% position.
Vigdis Håland (morning fellowship and visitation) 5% position.
Marianne Erlandsen (accounts and office) 50% position (finished in the summer).
Stian Austerheim (principal of Jazzper, (finished in the summer).
In the New Year we had 9 full-time and part-time employees, in total 4.85 man years.
In addition, Karisma church hires accounting services via Bird accounting services (started following the

8. Other Arenas
Karisma Church has offered exciting courses and new arenas this year.
Magnhild Henden and Bjørn Kjetil Hellestræ have been in the forefront in leading 2 Cap Economy courses.
Karisma Celebrate Recovery was established in the autumn, and has had meetings every other Thursday
with up to several tens of participants. Leading this work has been Barbro Christensen and Lindis
Courtney, who have collaborated with a hard-working work group. This has been a teaching program which
has meant a lot for many people.
«Englevakt» (guardian angels) with Anders Sørensen in the forefront has regularly been out in the centre
of town on Saturday evenings, together with «Til tjeneste» (service) from KT.

9. Ecumenical work
Karisma church is represented on FMS (Forum for Church Leaders in Stavanger). In the Autumn of 2012,
Tormod Røyland was chosen as the leader of the forum.
Jan Inge Espedal is the corresponding leader of the youth department for youth leaders. Tormod R. also
attends the Pentecostal movement's pastors' fellowship in Rogaland, and on a national level the
Pentecostal movement's annual meeting conference.
Led 12 at Oslo Convention Centre, Tønsberg 9th - 12th February.
The pastors, several members of the leadership council and some of the department leaders participated
in the Pentecostal movement's annual leadership conference (formerly «the preachers' conference»). The
topic was, "I will build my church for those who don't yet believe." We find that the new focus being placed
on strategic church building inspires us. The LED conferences draw impulses nationally and internationally
from what God is doing in leading, growing churches in the world today. The signals from the Led
conference correspond nicely with our own vision document, «The church I see».
Additionally, regarding our joint work, we are happy about the summer meetings together with Kristen
Tjeneste. Several members from Karisma also took part in Troens Bevis summer conference which was
held in Saron's Dal 7th to 15th July.

10. Schools
We are happy about the development of Stavanger Kristne Grunnskole. The school is run as an
independent foundation with its own board, but has its basis in the churches Kristen Tjeneste and Karisma
The church board and administration worked actively to sound out the organizational plans for a possible
expansion of the building grounds in order to accommodate the growth of the school. This is a job which
started in 2011 and which has continued in 2012. Øystein Pettersen has done a good job on behalf of the
The church runs Jazzper School of Culture with approx. 60 pupils who learn various instruments. In the
autumn of 2012, Christine Todnem became the principal of Jazzper following Stian Austerheim, who has
done an excellent job.
In the spring, we conducted the spring course of Karisma Evening Bible School with teaching by Arnfinn
Clementsen, Vigdis Håland and Tormod Røyland. This course, covering eight Thursday evenings drew up
to 40 participants. A large proportion of them were from neighbouring churches and some also came to
Karisma Church for the first time.

11. Finance
Financially, 2012 has been both a challenging year and a positive year. The challenge is that the needs are always greater than what we have the finances for. The positive aspect is that we have had an increase in tithes and gifts of 5 % compared with last year. The accounts show a profit before depreciation and
unrealized currency gains of NOK 255 347.
We are grateful for the faithfulness we see in giving.

12. Membership overview for 2012
The membership figures on 31.12.2012 were 477, of which 175 were adherents and children.
The church had a net loss of 5 members compared with the previous year.
Born: 3
Baptized: 9
Baby dedications: 7
Confirmed (Tentro): 18

13. Conclusion
The church of God is fantastic; a living organism, a spiritual building, the body of Christ under development
and change built on God's wonderful grace. We want here to express great thanks for the voluntary work
being done in the many departments. Warm thanks to all of our leaders. We are expecting a lot of good
things in the time ahead.

Stavanger, 24th April 2013
Tormod A. Røyland
Senior pastor
with Leadership council of Karisma Church

The vision of Karisma Church is:
- To be a church which preaches the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that
people are changed and enter into God's plan for their lives.
- To be a power house for spiritual renewal, national revival and mission.




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