Annual report 2011

Karisma Church Stavanger

This web-edition of the Annual report is shorter and adapted

Dear Church,
There is a proverb which says, «Life should be understood backwards and lived forwards». That is our goal with this annual report for Karisma Church. Here we will take a glance at our status, reflect and put certain areas in perspective. In this way we can increase our understanding and widen our spiritual horizon, and more easily make wise choices for the next phase.

1. Karisma Church in 2011
Karisma Church is a viable church with great potential for growth! In «the church I see», we say that our church is an international, multi-generational church with special focus on youth and non-church-goers. In other words, it is important for us to be a church where all generations are represented, and where they feel that the church is their spiritual home. It is also important for us to include international brothers and sisters. And it is essential for us that we have a continual focus on children and youth. It is good to note the whole-hearted "mother and father" attitude amongst our members, in celebrating the next age group. In this way we can succeed, when we all think "I am important for the next generation", and want to serve it.

2. Karisma Mission
The church is involved in mission in several countries, with chief focus on India, Kasakhstan and mission among muslims on sattelite-tv through Saron's Dal. We also support Deaf Ministries International (DMI) and other causes.
In India (Hyderabad) we support Moses Choudary and the Bible school for coming pastors and evangelists, of which Moses' son-in-law, Nireekshana is the principal. In addition, we sent NOK 40,000 to help buy a minibus which is to be used in evangelism and village outreach. Regular reports reveal continual growth and work development.
In Kasakhstan we have had ministry for 10 years. We are cutting back on our contribution in Symkent, and reducing our financial. This will happen over a period of 1.5 years. The political situation in the country means that prayer and mutual contact is important as never before.
Preacher's Seminar
We have had the pleasure of having two important meeting series, pioneered by Arnfinn Clementsen. The first was in January, in the capital city of Minsk, Belarus with Pastor Slava and the New Life movement. The second was in November in the coastal town of Visak, India in cooperation with Maranatha Visvasa Samajam, Moses Choudary's organization. God touches the lives of many people through the rich work we are a part of.
Towards the end of the year, we were able to start what we believe can be an exciting cooperation with Pastor Robert Kaddu. He is involved in Africa Village Outreach, an exciting work which amongst other things reaches out to unreached people groups in Uganda.
The Mission Council has consisted of Tarjei Indrebø, Harald Vindenes and the Senior Pastor.

3. Sunday Service and Sunday School (Children's Karisma)
The Sunday service with Sunday school is the church's window to the world and the highlight of the week. From the summer of 2010 we changed the time of the service to 4pm, and in October 2011, we adjusted the time to 5pm. We register that this new time of day for the service has given us a clear growth in the number of youth at the meetings since 2009, but unfortunately has more than halved the number of international attenders (with the notable exception of baby dedications, for example). In addition, some of our service-attenders have rather a lower turn-out at the meetings than before. A comparison between 2010 in a period with services at 11am, and a similar period in 2011 with services in the evening, shows a small decrease of 3 % among adults. But in the same period, we had an increase of children in the Sunday school of over 8 %. The reason for this is first and foremost a fantastic effort among the leaders of the Sunday school, who have continued the work of renewal with an attractive Sunday school, and who have worked to secure the older children as Sunday-school helpers. We congratulate the Sunday school!

4. Life groups, the small groups, which meet every other week in the homes, are growing. Just fewer than 150 people meet regularly for fellowship, simple Bible-study and prayer. The life groups form the foundation of the care-network in the church, and we rejoice that youth, adults and older people find their place in these fellowships.

5. Karisma Youth Alive
Karisma Youth Alive experienced increased attendance at his meetings by over 7% from the spring to the autumn season. KYA has on average 78 youth every Saturday. They reached a new record with 142 youth at the youth meeting when each invited a new friend in «Double in a day». The youth pastor, Jan Inge Espedal and the leadership group (Dream team) and work group (Star team) do a great job. The work with teenagers will reach a generation shift over the next 2 to 3 years. More adults in the 18+ age group and a new generation of young teenagers are emerging into the youth work. This is a demanding, exciting and extremely important transitional process to work with.

6. Special highlights
There have been several highlights. We can briefly mention the «big weekends» with evangelist Christer Borg in April and December. Around ten or so people sought salvation, and 20 specific healings took place and the Lord touched many in the church.
Karisma Celebration from 2nd - 5th June was a great conference. The speakers were Karsten Isachsen, Anne Christiansen, Øystein Gjerme, Arnfinn Clementsen and Erik Selle. Monica and Håvard Kilvær were a great addition to our own singers and musicians in the worship. Celebration was a long weekend with celebration and joy. There were great events for the children in BarneCelebration and the youth in YouthCelebration, and a lot of good teaching and inspiration for everyone. Celebration concluded with a concert by Stavanger Gospel Company. People experienced Jesus through these festive days!

In October, we had a family day which "BarneKarisma" was responsible for. The event, with exciting activities, café and a concert by Lisa Børud and her family drew families also from outside the church.

Led11 Regional was organized in November for the first time, by the Pentecostal church of Rogaland. Almost 300 leaders were gathered at the daytime conference in Karisma Church. It was a great success and inspiration.

In November, the leadership of the church, together with spouses and employees, organized a thanksgiving party for the members of Karisma Church. It was a unique and good experience with a lot of joy, warmth and gratefulness which was expressed by many. We felt thankfulness for each other and the church! On Sunday, the church received a thanksgiving offering of almost 100,000 NOK.

7. The church's leadership: Leadership council and board
Leadership council
This year, the leadership council, in addition to the senior pastor, has consisted of Yaw Francis Duah, Jan Inge Espedal (youth pastor), Steinar Helgestad (administrator), Irene Røyland, Christine Todnem, Arvid Thorsheim and Harald Vindenes.
At the start of the New Year, the board had the following members: Tormod Røyland (senior pastor and chairman), Marianne Meling Erlandsen, Ole Georg Røyland and Christine Todnem. Steinar Helgestad, the church administrator participates as an observer. Harald Vindenes resigned his position as board member early in the autumn

8. Schools
We rejoice over the development of Stavanger Christian School. For us it is a pleasure to have the school on our premises. The school is run as an independent foundation with its own board, but has its basis in the churches Kristen Tjeneste and Karisma Church. There are waiting lists for the higher grades, and the school board and administration is working actively to sound out the possibility of extending the building in order to accommodate the growth of the school.

The church runs Jazzper Culture School, with 64 pupils who receive tuition on various instruments.

In the autumn, we started Karisma evening Bible school. This 8-week course on Thursday evenings gathered 26 - 45 participants, where a large proportion were from neighbouring churches and others who came into contact with Karisma Church for the first time.

9. Finance
Financially, 2011 has been a challenging year, especially due to necessary investments in the building and completion of the children's and youth premises. We are glad to have seen an increase in tithes and offerings of 12% compared to last year. We are grateful for the faithfulness we see in giving.

10. Membership overview for 2011
Membership numbers on 31.12.2011 were 482, of which 176 were children and adherents. The church had a net growth of 11 new members compared with last year.
Baptized: 5
Baby dedications: 9
Confirmed (Tentro): 15

11. Conclusion
The church is a fantastic and living organism, a spiritual building, the body of Christ in development and change. We want here to express great thanks for the team effort within the many departments in music/worship, ushers, interpretation to English and for the deaf, the café, book shop, technicians, media, caretakers, Karisma International Fellowship, stewardship body, "Englevakt", "Formiddagstreff" (morning gatherings), visitation and so on. Thanks to all our leaders. It is grace to be a part of it all. God never wants recession, but growth. We thank God for His faithfulness in the church and towards each one of us - from year to year - and from day to day. We expect a lot of good things in the time ahead. Jesus Himself said, «I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!»

Stavanger, 14. mars 2012

Tormod Røyland

The vision:

- to be a church that preaches the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that people are changed to move into God's plan for their lives
- to be a powerhouse for spiritual renewal, national revival and missions.



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