The tragedy that has affected Norway

It is with dismay and sadness that we as a nation is witnessing the bomb explosion in the government district of Oslo and the massacre at Utøya in Buskerud. Few of us thought that we would experience something like this in our country. Our sympathy, our thoughts and prayers go first and foremost to the victims for these crimes, parents and relatives, and also the perpetrators relatives. As a local church in Stavanger, we will stand with the victims in prayer. We pray for the victims with physical injuries and all those who will face difficult times when the gruesome experiences are to be treated and mental injuries to be healed. We also think particularly of those affected in our county and our municipalities. In the dark hours, Jesus Christ says: Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. (John 14:1) Therefore, we request that our good Father in heaven will give hope to those who do not see hope, strength to those who have no strength and comfort to those who are desolate.
This attack is an attack on Norway's goverment, and we pray for the Prime Minister, the Government, the Royal Family and all those in authority. We thank God for all who work tirelessly for our country for strength and wisdom during this time.
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Pastor Tormod Røyland and Karisma Church, Stavanger


Alt på grunn av Jesus

av Arnfinn Clementsen

"Han som ikke visste av synd, har han gjort til synd for oss, for at vi i ham skulle få Guds rettferdighet." 2. Kor 5:21

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Alt på grunn av Jesus Alt på grunn av Jesus