Annual report 2010


Dear Church,

The annual report for 2010 is marked by the fact that Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen passed on the baton
to a new senior pastor. It is almost two years since he signalized the desire to be replaced in this
important service, following almost 30 years of ministry, and on 1st August, Tormod Røyland assumed
responsibility. We thank God for His faithfulness towards the church and each one of us, from year to
year and day to day, and we expect a lot of good things in the time ahead. Jesus Himself said, "I will
build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!"

1. Karisma Church in 2010

Karisma Church is a vibrant church with great potential for growth. In recent years, the church has
become more varied and international. Maintaining this and further developing presents us with a
challenge. Attention to youth has also received greater focus. We are happy to see an increase in
the number of young people at the youth meetings, and a hightened awareness among the older
teenagers when it comes to their significance in the Sunday services.

The service with Sunday school for children is always the highlight of the week in the church.
Additionally, good work is being done in the many and various ministry sectors. There exists a lot
of enjoyment and satisfaction, involvement and faith! From the summer of 2010, we began having
services at 4pm, with the youth especially in mind, and with the intention of having a meeting time
where it would be easier to invite new people.

The church is involved in missions in many countries, focusing chiefly on India and Kazakhstan. This
year we have expanded our cooperation with Sarons Dal, supporting among other things national
pastors and satellite-TV to Muslim countries.

The autumn of 2010 has seen the redecoration of the new children and youth premises in the
basement, and in the New Year, wonderful new rooms were more or less complete for Children's
Karisma and Karisma Youth Alive. Meanwhile, children's Karisma has also revitalized its program
for the Sunday school. We believe this is an important area of priority in our aim to present Karisma
Church as a church which focuses on the whole church family.

Special highlight:
Arnfinn Clementsen's New Year's seminar in January 2010 had the motto "Heal the world". The
seminar was the 18th in succession, and drew people from various churches and circles. The pastor
presented a picture of a world in need of healing on many different levels, and Jesus as the only
answer. Pastors Åge Åleskjær and Tormod Røyland participated in the seminar.

Karisma Celebration from 13th to 16th May was a great conference with the motto "Taste of
heaven". The speakers were Egil Svartdahl, Stina and Kai Johansen, Rune Edvardsen and Arnfinn
Clementsen.The conference was a long weekend of celebration and rejoicing, with good attendance
and a lot of good teaching and inspiration. People experienced Jesus, and in this way "taste of
heaven" was more than just a motto!

2. New name and affiliation with the Pentecostal movement

Karisma Church
At the annual general meeting (Church) on 31st January, the pastor and leadership team presented
a proposal for a name-change to Karisma Church. Following the changes in 1988, the name
became "Karisma Senter Church", but there was now a consensus for the new name-change. Some
minor adjustments were also made to the by-laws.
Pentecostal movement
In the same meeting, the pastor and leadership team presented a proposal to join the Pentecostal
movement. The church was earlier affiliated with this movement, but left in 1992 when it established
itself as an independent church. In 2010, the pastor and leadership team received the support of the
church to go ahead with the affiliation, and Karisma Church was officially welcomed as a new member
of the Pentecostal movement at the leadership conference in February in Oslo.

3. New senior pastor

Already by the summer of 2009, it was clear that Tormod Røyland would be the new senior pastor
of the church. Since then, the two pastors have worked together to prepare for the transition.
The Røyland family arrived in the summer of 2009, and from August Tormod Røyland assumed
responsibility as senior pastor.
Arnfinn Clementsen is still employed by Karisma Church in a part-time position (50%), and he
continues as a pastor in a freer form, within the church and with the church as a base, concentrating
mainly on preaching, teaching and advisory work.

Reception Røyland

Sunday 22nd August was a happy day for the church, and one which we had looked forward to; the
welcome Sunday for the new pastoral family, and inauguration of the pastoral couple. There was great
enthusiasm as Tormod, Irene, Sara Helene, Anna Marie, Oda Sofie and Isak André came up on the
platform and received greetings and flowers from several members. There was reading of scripture
from various leaders and members of different ages, functions and nationalities.
It was a special moment, filled with solemnity, inspiration and faith for the future, when Arnfinn and
Liss-Bente Clementsen laid their hands on Tormod and Irene Røyland and inaugurated them into the
ministry. There were also greetings from vice-mayor, Bjørg Tysdal Moe, Pastor Trygve Brekke from
the Joint Committee in Stavanger, and Pastor Fred Håberg who represented the county's Pentecostal
churches. A greeting was also read from Senter Church, Eiker where Tormod Røyland was previously
pastor. A number of other pastors and leaders were also represented: Irene and Martin Cave (IMI-
Church), Torbjørn Hestnes (Stokka Church), Sigmund T. Kristoffersen (Betel Hommersåk), Øyvind
Kverneland (Den Kristelige Menighet), Astrid and Sigmund Torkildsen (Maran Ata), school principal,
Øyvind Voll (Stavanger Kristne Grunnskole) and Turid Ekeland (Christian Cross-cultural Centre).
Finally, Tormod spoke with inspiration about "living a Jesus-centred, people-focused life".

Thanks Clementsen

Yet again it was time for celebration in Karisma Church when the "Thank you Sunday" was held
for Arnfinn and Liss-Bente, after 29 years in pastoral ministry in Stavanger. Arnfinn and Liss-Bente
Clementsen came to Zion, Stavanger in October 1981, and they have led the church through many
exciting phases and done far-reaching work.
The period from1988-1992 was especially significant when the church went through a time of many
changes and re-establishment. Arnfinn Clementsen received a vision for the church, and laid the
foundation for a new era, leading the church forward. Karisma Senter became a new type of church in
Stavanger, and a lot has happened throughout these years, in and from the church, in towns and the
whole country. Liss-Bente was also co-pastor of the church for a number of years.
Tormod Røyland led the thanksgiving celebration, and besides many good words from the church,
there were greetings from the town mayor, Leif Johan Sevland, pastors Trygve Brekke (Joint
Committee) and Martin Cave (IMI-church). Pastor Sigmund Kristoffersen brought a greeting from the
Pentecostal church in the county and the national Pentecostal movement, while Pastor Willy Dahlskås
brought a greeting as a colleague and friend of many years.
On the screen came greetings greetings one after another; Sten Sørensen, Åge Åleskjær, Kjell
Haltorp, Bjørn Bergmann, Gunnar Jeppestøl and Lise Karlsen.
Rune and Sølvi Edvardsen and Kari Edvardsen represented Sarons Dal, and several preachers and
church leaders were present.
The town mayor, Sevland praised the work Arnfinn had done, not only for the church but also for
the town. Vigdis Håland and Harald Vindenes spoke warm words of thanks from the church, and
together with Tormod Røyland, presented gold watches with the inscription, "With heartfelt thanks for
29 years of pastoral ministry". Liss-Bente and Arnfinn thanked the church and Arnfinn concluded with
a personal and enthusiastic message from Phil. 3:12-13;"He touched me". He ended by saying,"The
best is yet to come. We will move forward! Norway needs the gospel. There are so many who must
be won for heaven, so many sick to pray for, so many needs to be met, so many wounds to heal, so
many marriages to be restored, so many children who need to experience the goodness of God, so
many lives which need new meaning and faith for the future, so many people who need to unite in
faith for a better world!"

6. Leadership team and by-laws

The leadership team this year has, besides the senior pastor, consisted of Jan Inge Espedal (youth
pastor), Steinar Helgestad (administrator), Vigdis Håland, Arvid Thorsheim,
Christine Todnem and Harald Vindenes.
Vigdis Håland brought her service on the leadership team to a close in the New Year. She has served
here since "new Karisma Senter" chose their first leadership in 1991. We thank her warmly for her
huge efforts, and are glad that she is continuing in ministry within the church.

Both the new and former pastors had, together with the leadership team worked on a proposal for some by-law changes concerning the governing board and leadership team. This was presented and
accepted at the membership meeting (Church) on 28th November 2010. The church leadership is
divided into a governing board and a leadership team under the leadership of the pastor, and these
have different functions. The governing board will chiefly be responsible for the budget, financial
management and legal matters. The leadership team will consist of a wider make-up of leaders from
among the staff and church, and will concentrate on daily management and the spiritual development
of the church. The members of the governing board will be elected by the church members.

7. Schools

We are happy to see the growth and development of Stavanger Kristne Grunnskole (Christian school).
It is a pleasure for us to have the school on our premises. The school is run as a separate foundation
with its own governing board, but has its basis in Kristen Tjeneste and Karisma churches. There is
now a waiting list for the upper grades, and plans are underway for further expansion of the building
and site. The church also runs a culture school, Jazzper, which is led by Kristin Elstrøm. A large
number of pupils receive tuition here in many instruments

8. Finance

This year (2010) has been a challenging year financially, especially due to the redecoration of the
children and youth premises, and necessary renewal of technical equipment.
Tithes and gifts came to kr.3 219 234, which is about the same level as last year.
The accounts reveal that proceeds lie at kr. 312 061 before depreciation at kr. 575.565.
We are so thankful for the faithfulness we see in giving.

9. Membership figures for 2010

The number of members on 31.12.2010 were 471, including children of which there are 167.
The church had a net growth of 4 new members.

JOINED: 18 (including births)
LEFT: 14 (including deaths)
Born: 2
Baptized: 6
Baby dedications: 6
Confirmations (Tentro): 12
In 2010 there were 3 members who went home to be with the Lord. We thank God for what they
have meant for the kingdom of God and as members of the church: Magnhild Hauge Pettersen (13th
January, Olaug Skålevik (26th June) and Tom Erlandsen (28th September). May God bless their

10. Thanks

Arnfinn and Liss-Bente would like to thank the church for the many years that have gone. We know
God sent us to Stavanger nearly 30 years ago, and Karisma Church has given us an exciting and
good life. We thank each one of you for your loyalty, support, prayers and cooperation. We are happy
that we can continue to build this church which we love so much.

Tormod and Irene extend their many thanks to the leadership team, staff, section leaders and the
many, many good co-workers in all areas of the church, and for your efforts and cooperation since we
began in August. We would also like to thank you all for your love, support and prayers, and we look
forward to the road ahead with joy and expectation.

Stavanger, 23rd February 2011

Tormod Røyland, Senior Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen, Pastor


The vision of Karisma Church is
To be a church which preaches the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that people
are changed and enter into Gods plan for their lives.



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