Thanks to Liss-Bente and Arnfinn Clementsen

Arnfinn og Liss-Bente Clementsen

On Sunday 19th September at 4pm, we would like to invite everyone to Karisma Church for a thanksgiving celebration for Liss-Bente and Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen, the church's pastoral couple throughout 29 years.

In 1977, God spoke to Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen and said; «Stavanger will be your town.» In 1981, the young family had found their place in Zion Pentecostal Church. This was to be the start of an exciting journey in which the church became what it is today; a firm and in many ways leading church in our country. The church received special focus at the end of the 80's when it underwent a renewal, and its view of the significance of the pastor's role, vision, the place of praise and worship in the church, and bold Biblical-teaching were the central elements in the process. At this time, the church changed its name to Karisma Senter Church. The church moved into new premisses at Stokka in 1992. Early on, national conferences were held with a high attendance. Clementsen has also been the initiator of several national campaigns (Norway back to God) and prayer conferences.

In August, Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen signalled that he desired to pass the baton on to another, after having led the church for 29 years. "Karisma Church has a great deal to thank Liss-Bente and Arnfinn Clementsen for,» says Pastor Tormod Røyland. « None of us can appreciate the full extent of what they have meant for individuals, the church and our country throughout the years. This weekend, we want to show our gratefulness in a special way for the manner in which they invested their lives and ministry in Stavanger. We are glad that Clementsen will continue to be a part of Karisma Church, as a resource both for me and the church, while at the same time being free to realise the next phase of his ministry in and from Karisma Church», concludes Røyland. Karisma Church invites everyone to the thanksgiving celebration at the Sunday service on 19th September, where also public representatives, fellow pastors and preachers and family will participate. Welcome!


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