Fokus on children and youth


"The heat is on in the Karisma building at present. Many people are doing their bit and working to
modernize and improve the facilities for children and youth in the church,»
says Gjertrud Røyland
who is the project leader for the work.
"As well as redecorating, new rooms are being built in order to
give the children more room, and to adapt for use that the children can enjoy. We are also working to
renew Children's Karisma, so that we can offer something even better on Sundays.»
"This is an important and necessary investment,»
says Pastor Tormod Røyland, «and completely in
keeping with our vision to focus on children and youth. We are really happy about this!»

Before the summer, 100,000 NOK was raised, allocated to redecoration of the premisses. Additional
money will be needed.

Youth pastor, Jan Inge Espedal says: "Karisma Youth Alive (KYA) is looking forward to using the new
facilities. There will also be a café and exciting facilities for youth.»

Karisma Church wishes to reach out to all generations, and our aim is that new visitors to the
meetings should find that provision for children and youth is just as good as what is on offer for the
adults in the Sunday service at 4pm.


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av Tormod Røyland

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