Warm welcome for Røyland in Karisma Church

Tormod Røyland

The new pastoral couple of Karisma Church, Tormod and Irene Røyland, received a warm and hearty reception at the celebration service in Karisma Church, Stavanger on Sunday.
The premises were decorated for the occasion, which was marked by joy and a positive outlook on the future. People from all age-groups and many different nations welcomed the pastor and his family!

Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen said in his opening speech that Karisma Church is a church with an exciting history, and has for many years been in the forefront with its clear vision. He continued, "When we started to look for a pastor to lead the church in the next phase, we said the following: We want a pastor who can continue along the same lines, with respect and thankfulness for what has been established, and with the ability and boldness to lead the work and the church into the next phase."
Karisma Church is an international, multi-generational congregation with its chief focus on the young generation, and we want a pastor who is secure and inclusive, and who has the guts and ability to develop the church in an important process of renewal and rejuvenation, during a time in which we want to reach out to people with the gospel - the good news, more than ever before. We were not looking for a person who would meet everyone's expectations and be a church all-rounder, but a leader who will front the work and build up a team of leaders. We see these qualities in you, Tormod Røyland, and we wish to stand together with you to achieve our common objectives; to win people for Jesus, see a new generation of bold Christians emerge, bless the town and community, and see the church grow!"

Arnfinn Clementsen conducted the actual inauguration of Karisma Church's new pastor, and Liss-Bente and Arnfinn Clementsen commended the church to the new pastoral couple with the laying-on of hands, prayer and blessing.
Several of the church's leaders and members participated in the reading of Scripture: Vigdis Håland, Harald Vindenes, Jaunty Aidamenbor, Elisabeth Todnem and Jan Inge Espedal.
A highlight was when 80-year old Signe Høie on behalf of the whole church welcomed the pastoral couple with flowers

The vice-mayor, Bjørg Tysdal Moe gave a greeting from Stavanger city council , along withPastor Trygve Brekke from the Joint Committee of churches in Stavanger, and Pastor Fred Håberg from the Pentecostal movement in Rogaland. A greeting was also read from Senter Church, Eiker, where Røyland was previously the pastor. In addition there were a number of other guests present; Turid Ekeland from KIA (Christian Cross-cultural Ministry), priest, Torbjørn Hestnes, Stokka Church, Pastor Marin Cave, Imi Church and representatives from several neighbouring churches

Tormod Røyland thanked the church, leadership council, former pastoral couple, family and all those present, and gave an inspired and enthusiastic sermon on "living a Jesus-centred and people-focused life". Based on the story of the Good Samaritan, he spoke enthusiastically about how a Jesus-centred life results in bringing the love and help of God to people in the community

The celebratory service was concluded with joyful praise, and the occasion continued with coffee and cake for everyone.



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