Celebration service with inauguration of new pastor

Tormod Røyland

On Sunday 22nd August at 4pm we will have a celebration service where we welcome the new pastor and family, and inaugurate the pastoral couple, Tormod and Irene Røyland.

Røyland was previously employed at Karisma Church as asistant pastor and Bible-school principal for 8 years, and he is well-known both in the church and in the town and region.
For the last 5 years, Røyland has been the pastor of the Pentecostal church in Åros, and Senter Church in Hokksund.

Pastor Arnfinn and Liss-Bente Clementsen will conduct the
inauguration of the new pastoral couple.
Along with this, the celebration service will include greetings from the vice-mayor, Bjørg Tysdal Moe, and representatives of the
Christian community network in the town and nation. A number of invited guests will be present.
The celebration service is open for everyone, and the church will offer coffee and cake to all!

Tormod Røyland will assume the leadership of a living and involved church which has put itself firmly on the map, both in church and community life.

Karisma Church is made up of people in all age-groups. The
services are marked by a youthful and enthusiastic style, and people from many nations, especially Africa contribute to the character of the congregation.

The pastoral couple, Tormod and Irene Røyland express joy and expectation as they assume the leadership of the church, with its large and far-reaching ministry.



Partnerskap med Gud

av Julius Mba

God has always liked partnership from the very beginning. We're created to worship Him; to collaborate with Him; to work with Him; to partner with Him.

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Partnerskap med Gud Partnerskap med Gud