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Karismakirken Stavanger

On Tuesday 3rd August, Tormod Røyland had his first working day as the new senior pastor of
Karisma Church. It was a solemn and expectant moment when Arnfinn Clementsen that morning
passed the key of the pastor's office to his successor, Tormod Røyland.

In his welcome speech, Clementsen emphasized that the pastor is a gift from God to the church, and
together with the staff he wished the new pastor well; the scene is set for an exciting and good
future with progress and growth.

Clementsen also expressed that he has looked forward to this day, and that he will appreciate his
new function based in Karisma Church.

The new pastor and pastoral couple will be officially inaugurated and welcomed during the service
on 22nd August at 4pm. There will also be representatives from the city council and neighbouring
churches in the town and county. Everyone is welcome on this special day!

Vision Sunday

Throughout the whole Summer, the Summer services with Sunday school for the children have been
on Sundays at 4pm. Attendance has been good, and these meetings will continue until 8th August.
On Sunday, 15th August, the opening of the complete autumn program will commence with Vision

Open Vision Sunday
On 15th August at 4pm, the whole church will gather for Sunday service and «Vision Sunday». The
service is of course open to all; church, friends and all who are interested.

The pastors together
The new senior pastor of the church, Tormod Ryland, and Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen will both
participate in this service, which also marks the full opening of the church's many ministry areas
following the summer. Arnfinn Clementsen will speak and give a picture of «Karisma Church -
yesterday - today - tomorrow».

Karisma Church - yesterday, today - tomorrow!
Karisma Church has a clear and powerful vision, and together we see a church which is to serve the
people of today and future generations. A solid foundation has been laid, there is a rich history, it is
a great church with precious people of all generations, Norwegian and «internationals», and the best
lies ahead!

On Sunday 22nd August, there will be a welcome service with the inauguration of the new pastoral
couple, Tormod and Irene Røyland.

Welcome to Vision Sunday!

Read more about the church's vision here: (Norwegian) (English)




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