Summer services at 4pm

Karismakirken Stavanger

From Sunday 27th June to 8th August, Karisma Church has summer services at 4pm.

The summer services will as usual comprise worship and preaching, and there will be various program items such as film clips, mission reports, baptism and baby dedications throughout the summer.

NOTE: Sunday school for the children every Sunday!

The summer services will last approximately one and a half hours, and following the meeting there will be an open café with the sale of coffee, soda and ice-cream.

After this, the night is still young so there are opportunities to invite someone home for supper, or to do other nice things together with old and new friends.

At the same time, this marks the change over to a new meeting time for the church's services, and from 15th August, we will continue with 4pm throughout the autumn.

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