Well known preacher visiting Karisma

Carl-Gustav Severin will visit Karisma Senter 13th to 14th February.
He is to preach in the meeting on Saturday evening and Sunday at 11am.

Carl-Gustaf Severin is an experienced international preacher who has seen
thousands of people give their lives to Jesus. He is a pioneer and missionary
who became known not least through his many meetings and campaigns in
the former Soviet Union. These campaigns have led to the birth of hundreds
of churches, in what is no less than a modern «mission adventure.»

Severin has written the book, "Russia stole our hearts" which tells of God's
miraculous works in many different countries.

Carl Gustaf Severin comes from Livets Ord (Word of Life) in Uppsala, and he
is greatly used as a preacher at their conferences. Severin is an inspiring
preacher and speaker to the people, and his stories about what God is doing
in the lives both of individuals and nations are uniquely engaging.

Carl Gustaf Severin has visited Karisma Senter a number of times, and his
meetings always gather a lot of people!


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