Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen resigns his position



On Sunday evening, 28th September, Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen informed the church of his resignation from his position as pastor of the church, following almost 30 years service.

Here is the pastor’s letter to the church in its entirety, and the statement from the leadership board:

To Karisma Senter Church Stavanger,                                                          28th September 2008

Dear church,

I hereby wish to make it known that I resign from my position as Senior Pastor of Karisma Senter Church as from 1st August 2009. This has naturally not been an easy decision to make, but in consultation with my immediate family I have made this resolution.

Liss-Bente and I came to Stavanger in October 1981. We knew that God had called us to build a church in this town, and we shortly understood that this was not a short-term ”guest appearance”, but a life-calling.

The church went through renewal and change and became Karisma Senter, and we are grateful for what we have been able to build up throughout all these years.
Even though we had wished for far greater growth, we see that we have been able to live powerfully in the vision that God gave; locally, nationally and internationally. Together with good co-workers, this has been possible and been made a reality.
We are also happy at this time to be part of an exciting process in the church involving renewal and rejuvenation, reaching out to the non-believing world and the young generation.

Even so, I think the time has come to relinquish the pastoral responsibility:
1. The pastoral ministry is a big and important function, and is many-faceted. It is demanding to meet all the different expectations and to always be the inspiration and driving force this implies. 27 years is a long time is such a function, and out of consideration for my family and own life ahead, I find the time is right to signalize change.
2. The vision for Karisma Senter and what God wants for this wonderful church is just as strong in my heart as before. But in a challenging and exciting time as this is, I think the church would be best served by having a new pastor in the time ahead.

I see that when a pastor has led a church and been the spearhead in building up a work through many years, a change such as this will also demand a re-thinking and re-organizing of methods. The positive thing is that this is a process that we have worked on for a long time, and important things have already been started.

I will also participate constructively in this process as best I can, not least to pave the way for my successor. I will of course also continue my work with enthusiasm and do my best as ling as I am senior pastor.

These years have given me a great deal of good experience which will continue to be of value to me, and I look forward to taking on new tasks in the next phase.
Let me emphasize that this is not a farewell to Karisma Senter Church, and I hope and wish that my ministry can still be tied to the church in a form that the church leadership finds best.

In love and gratefulness to you all,
Arnfinn Clementsen

Dear church and pastoral couple!

When Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen shared this with us at the board of leaders on 18th September, it was received with regret and sorrow.

Arnfinn Clementsen has done an outstanding work throughout all these years, and his pastoral ministry commands great respect.
He has been the spearhead in building up a large and diverse work, both within and from the church.

His heart for people, his untiring work and inspiring preaching speaks for itself, and his influence reaches far beyond the church itself.

Now that Clementsen has made this decision, we are at the same time grateful for the orderly way the pastor has done this. We thereby have the time to work together both on the pastor-issue and on the choices of direction connected with this.
At the same time we are glad that this is not a farewell to the church, and we wish to pave the way so that Clementsen can continue to function in a ministry connected to the church.

We wish our pastoral couple and their family God’s richest blessing for the future.

Stavanger 28th September 08

Karisma Senter Board of Leaders


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