The vision is

• to be a church that preaches the Word of God in the power of
the Holy Spirit, so that people are changed to move into God's plan for their lives

• to be a powerhouse for spiritual renewal, national revival and missions

The church that I see

• is Jesus-centered, Bible-based and people-focused

• is open and including, and honoring God in everything it is doing

• is colorful, full of life and excitement, and everyone flourish and feels valuable

• is an international, multigenerational congregation with attention on the young generation

• is relevant and purpose driven with attractive services
and meetings

• is relation-based through friendship and cell groups

• is a spiritual power-center which brings life and healing to the people of today

• is equipping everyone to live a natural supernatural daily life, and function in their talents and gifts

• is growing and expanding because it is building bridges and crossing boarders to continually reach new people with the gospel

• is an example and an inspiration for other churches

• has positive influence on every area in the society

• has devoted and generous people, and leaders who give themselves to the vision and to create a culture for growth

We want this church to be Karisma Church!



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av Julius Mba

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