Pastor Tormod Røyland Karismakirken

Irene and Tormod André Røyland.

Tormod is the senior pastor of Karisma Church, Stavanger. Along with his wife, Irene, they stand together in the ministry. Together they have three girls and a boy who were born between -95 and -05.

Tormod Røyland is from a small village, Skotselv, approximately 70 km west of Oslo. It is his childhood place, although he grew up major periods of his young life in the mission field in Congo (Brazzaville), as his parents are missionaries and church planters.

In 1991, he married Irene. They met while Tormod was studying theology in Kristiansand.

From 1992 Tormod served as youth pastor and later as senior pastor and Bible teacher apart from some further studies. 

1997 was a turning point in his life when he was called to Karisma Church in Stavanger. He was appointed with responsibility for a part-time Bible school, the youth-ministry and soon as co-pastor, longside with pastor Arnfinn Clementsen. He served for 8 years. From -05 to -10 he ministered to other churches nearby Oslo before he was called to take over as the senior pastor in Karisma Church from autumn 2010, when Arnfinn Clementsen resigned. Tormod continues the work in the same vision; to build a Jesus-centered, Bible-based and people-focused church which is an international multigenerational congregation with special attention on the young generation. 

Tormod has a deep belief in the Bible as God's living and infallible word, and his preaching is affected by it. His life is marked by faith and a belief on the church impact on individuals and society. He strongly believe that Jesus Christ is the same today as in biblical times, and therefore he prayes for people who are sick and have other needs. As a pastor, it is at his heart to see people raised up in life and ministry, so they can give their best for God´s Kingdom, Church and the nation.


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