Powerful New Year's Seminar!

Karismakirken lovsang

Pastor Arnfinn Clementsen's New Year's seminar were celebratory days
for the many who attended, and the messages on healing gave rise to
faith and expectation. It was a bold and open-hearted Arnfinn
Clementsen people got to hear at the seminar! Each meeting began with
a short film along with music from Michael Jackson's song, "Heal the

Healing Night
Every evening was a "Healing Night" with a lot of singing and inspiring
preaching by Arnfinn Clementsen and Åge Åleskjær. Many sick were prayed
for, and there was a strong atmosphere of faith and the presence of God.
On the opening evening, Clementsen taught on «God's plan for healing». He
placed healing in a large and wide perspective; healing of our relationship with
God, with each other, and the need for emotional and physical health. He
covered important Biblical truths such as restoration, salvation, healing,
redemption and righteousness/justification. Jesus has already healed the
world through his work on the cross, but it needs to be preached and
received! Åge Åleskjær's sermon on «bread, wine and oil» was also very
powerful and faith-strengthening.

Relevant seminars
The seminars with Åge Åleskjær, Tormod Røyland and Arnfinn Clementsen
illustrated healing from many different angles, and showed how God has
organized things in various ways so that people can experience healing. The
seminars were relevant and engaging, and gave people renewed faith both
for receiving healing and not least for bringing God's healing love and power
to people around us.

Open-hearted Clementsen on healing
On Sunday morning, Arnfinn Clementsen was open in sharing his testimony
and experience about healing. He lost his father to an incurable illness at the
age of 18, and this experience was a barrier when it came to preaching
healing. But God solved this through a very special experience.

Special finale on Sundag evening
Sunday evening was special. Karisma's singers and band performed "Heal
the world, and "Lille John" Klemetsen sang several songs which were met
with enthusiasm. Arnfinn Clementsen's sermon drew from several of Michael
Jackson's songs that reveal the need for healing in our world, and to
conclude, all the singers and musicians stood together and sang together
andrae Crouch's well-known song, "Jesus is the answer".


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