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Arnfinn Clementsen Tormod Røyland

For nearly 29 years, Arnfinn and Liss-Bente Clementsen have been the pastoral couple of Karisma Church. It began at Zion Church in October 1981, and at the end of the eighties, the church underwent a major transformation resulting in the church being restructured as Karisma Senter Church (Karisma Church). Under Clementsen's leadership, the church has throughout the years been a high-profiled participant and initiator of renewal and change in Norway's Christian society. As Clementsen now draws to a close as senior pastor, and passes the baton on to Tormod Røyland, it is no less than church history that is being written.

Tormod Røyland - new senior pastor from August 
Nearly two years ago, Clementsen signalized that the time was ripe for change, and the work to find a new pastor began. 
Tormod and Irene Røyland, who have previously been close co-workers in the church for 8 years, were asked to take over, and our joy was great when they said yes to the call in June last year. 
Welcome meeting for new senior pastor, 22nd August
On Sunday 22nd August at 4pm, there will be a special inauguration service for the new pastoral couple, and welcome meeting for them and their family. 
"I look forward to passing on the baton to Tormod Røyland. We believe this is God's leading", says Arnfinn Clementsen, who for nearly three decades has fronted the leadership and building of Karisma Church. 
Following the service, there will be a celebration with coffee and cake for everyone, and there will be representatives present from the town's governing bodies, along with neighbouring churches from the town and county.

Thanks to Clementsen 19th September
On Sunday 19th September at 4pm, there will be a special meeting to thank Arnfinn and Liss-Bente Clementsen. The leadership, church, friends, colleagues and representatives of the town government all wish to mark this. 
At the same time, Arnfinn Clementsen will continue to be linked to Karisma Church in a new capacity within and from the church, with a chief focus on preaching and teaching both nationally and internationally.


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