Karisma Celebration 29th May – 1st June 2014

Karisma Celebration is a renewal and revival conference for our region, and is arranged by Karisma Church, Stavanger. Since our first conference in 1986, these events have brought personal renewal to Christian lives and faith in the function of the church and its significance for our times. 

- God's life and power is for you
- God's potential in you is for life and ministry 
- Your church is equipped and sees growth 
- The gospel is preached for Norway, Europe and to the ends of the earth
  A life without limits is a life of influence

Linda Wilson is a church-planter in Denmark, and Pastor of Euro Life Churches. She planted her first church in Århus in 2005. Her heart for people’s salvation and belief in the importance of the church in our times, clearly shine through when you hear her teach. Since August 1995, Linda Wilson has been based in Denmark, together with her husband, Scott Wilson who is the leader for the Institute for Creativity, Leadership and Management. For more information: www.lindawilson.dk

Karen Zelfimyan is a missionary and evangelist in Moldavia. Karen is born in the Ukraine and is a Ukrainian citizen. He and his wife, Olga have two children. Karen was radically saved as a 19-year old, and during his first two years as a Christian, he participated in starting 40 churches. He led many people to Jesus. His ministry is marked by a focus on charitable ministry and the equipping of young Christians to share the gospel.

Arnfinn Clementsen is a preacher, pastor and author. Arnfinn is married to Liss-Bente. Through his 30-year pastoral ministry in Karisma Church, Arnfinn has been influential and significant both in Christian circles and in society as a whole. Alongside his pastoral ministry, Clementsen is a well-known speaker who is in demand in various churches and for a wide variety of occasions, both at home and abroad. His preaching is marked by faith in the power of the gospel for salvation and healing.

Tormod A. Røyland is a pastor, church-builder and preacher. Together with his wife, Irene, they forefront the work of Karisma Church as pastoral couple. Together with the other pastors, Karisma’s staff and voluntary workers, they are hosts of the conference, and they wish you a warm welcome to this renewal and revival conference where the Word of God and worship are central.  They will do their best to give you a positive experience, so that you will benefit greatly from these days.

Synne Rebekka Håland to «Kids’ Celebration».
Our dedicated children’s workers, with leader, Monica Austerheim at the forefront have organized the Kids’ Celebration.  The children’s meetings will have a solid spiritual focus tailored to the needs of the children.  Synne Rebekka Håland, co-pastor at Intro, will join us as a preacher on Sunday. There will be activities, a trip to a farm at Finnøy and many surprises. 

Kids’ Celebration

Farm Visit to Finnøy

Saturday 31st May 11.00am – 3.30pm
 A visit to the Spanne family farm at Finnøy! Here you can say hello to the animals on the farm. There will be activities and events for young and old.
NB! REGISTRATION! Please see further information at www.karisma.no and at the conference information stand.  

Practical info: Dress the children according to weather, and save their smart clothes for Sunday. The children will receive lunch at the farm. The price of the trip is 50 NOK per child. 
Lower age-limit for trip: Children who are to start school the coming autumn may join.  

For those who do not go on the trip and children below school age:  There will be special arrangements for you in the basement at Karisma Church. The children are to be picked up by their parents, and will eat together with them in the break between the seminars. 

Sunday 1st June 12pm
Children’s Karisma invites you to celebrate: Age 1 to 8th grade. Synne Rebekka Håland (co-pastor at Intro) will address the children. There will be a bouncy castle and fun activities! For children and youngsters from age 1 to 8th grade.

«L E A D E R S  C E L E B R A T I ON»

- For church leaders and co-workers, cell group leaders, department leaders, preachers and missionaries. 
Friday 30th May 2 – 4pm | Hot meal will be served.
Introductory presentations by Linda Wilson and Arnfinn Clementsen. Join this event that will deliver a spiritual power pack to leaders, good fellowship and an ample meal-table!


​Linda Wilson: "Church without limits”.  Linda will share her experience from church planting in Denmark and share her faith for relevant, powerful and growing congregations in Scandinavia.

​Arnfinn Clementsen: «Ministry without limits​».  ​Arnfinn will share his experience concerning the power and anointing of the Spirit for ministry, and share his faith in the potential that is in each co-worker.

There will also be time for a panel discussion and «Question/Answer»-session.

Price NOK 200 when registering or on arrival (bank terminal).
Direct registration and payment here
or to Karisma Church office





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