Expansion of Jan Inge Espedal’s Ministry

Sunday, 27th October was a special day at Karisma Church’s Sunday service. Together with the church, Senior Pastor, Tormod Røyland and Irene marked the expansion of Jan Inge Espedal’s pastoral ministry. Below, you can read Tormod Røyland’s greeting to Jan Inge, Jane Gro and the church:

Dear church, today we want to draw attention to Jan Inge Espedal, our exceptional youth pastor in the church for 7 years, to mark a development in his pastoral function and to acknowledge his ministry as a pastor among us.

We also want to include Janne Gro. A pastoral ministry will always have influence a marriage, one’s priorities and the whole of life. Irene and I know that Jan Inge could not in any way perform his ministry in the way that he does without Janne Gro’s involvement.

Ephesians 4; 11 says: «And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ».

Jan Inge’s development in ministry has been extremely good. As senior pastor, I and the members of the Leaders’ Council have felt it natural to recognize the development of the ministry Jan Inge has had. He has a ministry gift with a large capacity for work, high work ethic and integrity in life and ministry.

Jan Inge is a youth pastor whose focus is youth, and this has been his prioritized field of work. At the same time, he has increasingly become a pastor for the WHOLE church, to whom all age groups relate.

One of our strengths as a church is that the youth work is not an isolated entity. The youth work has been prioritized and shall remain an area of priority, integrated into the focus and work of the whole church. This is why you see youth ministering during the services as ushers, café-hosts, Sunday school workers, musicians and worship leaders, and in the media team. In addition, they have their own youth meetings and life groups (small groups). The youth work does not “live its own life” outside of the adult part of the church, as we unfortunately find many other places. In Karisma Church, we built ONE church. In our vision document – “the church I see”, we express it like this: “We see an international, multi-generational church with special focus on the next generation”. Jan Inge’s function will continue to reflect this focus more than ever, as will his title.

Jan Inge has said he is willing to take on greater responsibility. He feels this is in line with the calling he has, and he experiences love for and devotion to all generations.

Today, we are marking the fact that Jan Inge is not only a youth pastor, but a pastor of Karisma Church. He is not being inaugurated into ministry, since that was done a long time ago, but we are marking the development of his ministry.

Jan Inge will not in any way let go of the youth work. This is not a weakening but a calling to awareness for us as pastors and as a church. If anyone asks, “Do you have a youth pastor in Karisma Church?” the answer is: YES, it is Jan Inge. The youth work is one of Jan Inge’s areas of responsibility,


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av Tormod Røyland

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