Annual report 2013

Annual Report 2013, Karisma Church

Karisma Church is a thriving church that is developing and changing. A solid and firmly established church, we stand strongly rooted in the call and vision that God by His grace has given us. This is expressed in the high attendance at Sunday services week by week, with Jesus-centred worship and Bible-based teaching, and a good Sunday school. Beneath the surface exists an exciting life which challenges us to create good transitions from children to youth, and from youth to adult; we call that generational transitions.

1. Sunday Services, Life Groups and Morning Fellowship (formiddagstreff)
The Sunday Service and Life Groups form the basis of church life. We have not seen any significant change in attendance in Sunday services in 2013. We note that new families and individuals have found their place in the church family, and this makes us happy. The church has also started broadcasting the sermons directly on web-TV. We note an increasing number of viewers, from a handful, to several dozen. The youth are more and more visible in the services, both as volunteers in the Sunday school, and as part of the congregation. 30-35 people are in active ministry each Sunday, in order to provide for good services and Sunday school.

Several of the Life Groups have been running regularly and extremely well. Other groups, especially some of the youth groups have experienced some decline. In general, we have need of more Life Group leaders. The development of the Life Groups is a priority area for 2014.

The morning fellowship for the 50+ generation is led by Vigdis Håland, and is an important meeting point every second week. The focus on fellowship, worship and preaching is successful, and attendance is on the increase. More and more, attendants comprise 40 or more.

2. Children and Youth Work In Karisma Church, the youth work, especially from Senior High School-age (VGS) follows closely the church work as a whole. Older youth are leaders for younger youth, who in turn are co-leaders of Children’s Karisma. This leadership culture has not evolved by itself, but it is the result of strategic thinking and work. It is an important part of disciple making, and of creating good transitions as the children and youth grow.

In addition, Karisma Youth Alive organizes youth meetings each Friday. There they have an hour’s meeting with energetic worship, and Jesus-centred testimonies and sermons, before having a café in the canteen and other activities. KYA attracts about 65 young people on average each week, in addition to holding Life Group meetings. The youth leaders (Dream Team), led by Helene Myrstad, and with Jan Inge Espedal as the department leader, do a great job. Thanks also to the parents who give their time as monitors and extra helpers. KYA organized two weekend trips during the autumn half-term break. The first was for teenagers up to Senior High School (VGS), and the other was for older youth.

The Confirmation Candidates in the spring (Tentro) numbered 10 participants.

18+ (meetings for youth from the age of 18) meet roughly every fourth week. The last couple of years, this group has become notably bigger, and these meetings have grown in importance. Many of the 18+ group are active as leaders and co-workers. We want to have a lot of focus on this age group to create good transitions for them into continued church life.

Children’s Karisma (Sunday school and family days) is led by our children’s leader, Monica Austerheim. With her is a committee which deserves extra praise and recognition. They are parents of children who have been or who are on their way out of Sunday school age, yet they invest their time and energy for the young generation. The usual situation is that families with young children take over the Sunday school

work in time, but at Karisma Church, we have a situation where there is a generational gap with relatively few young people between 25 and 35. This means that our mature adults are willing to remain in ministry for longer, and at the same time, we are positively motivated to engage the children and youth at an earlier stage. This is part of what we call generational transition. A growing number of our international members are also getting more involved in the Sunday school, and we appreciate this very much. Many thanks to Monica and committee, who together with the department leaders do a fantastic job for the children in Children’s Karisma.

3. Leadership and Staff
The Leadership Council in 2013 has been made up of Jan Inge Espedal, Steinar Helgestad, Julius Mba, Irene Røyland, Tormod Røyland and Christine Todnem.

The Board in 2013 has comprised Odd Espeland, Ole Georg Røyland, Tormod Røyland (chairman). Steinar Helgestad also participates as the church administrator. The Leadership Council and the Board form the leadership of the church, together with the pastoral couple.

Karisma Church’s Employed Staff in 2013 has been:

Tormod Røyland, Jan Inge Espedal, Arnfinn Clementsen, Steinar Helgestad, Christine Todnem, Monica Austerheim, (stepped down in May), Irene Røyland, (commenced in August), Øystein Pettersen, Vigdis Håland, Stian Austerheim (commenced in June).

At the start of the new year, Karisma Church had 8 full-time and part-time employees, corresponding to just under 4 man years. In addition, Karisma Church hires the services of Bird Regnskapstjenester for doing the accounts.

Jan Inge Espedal, who has been the Youth Pastor of the church for 7 years, has undergone an adaption to his ministry during recent years. Though he previously worked mostly with youth, he now has a greater focus on the church as a whole. This development has taken place naturally, as part of the church’s focus on the youth generation according to the vision document, «The church I see”. This was marked in the service on the 27th October through a prayer initiative, where also we officially changed Jan Inge’s title from Youth Pastor to Pastor. He continues to have his main area of focus on the youth work.

4. Karisma Mission
2013 has been a memorable year for the mission work of the church. Uganda. It was a great joy when the church in September prayed for and sent out Randi Andersen Kaddu. Randi is officially sent as a missionary by Karisma Church to Uganda.

In India (Hyderabad) we work together with Moses Choudary concerning the Bible School for future pastors and evangelists. Moses Choudary visited Karisma Church in November. In connection with this, we invited the mission council to a lunch meeting focusing on the work in India. In addition, he preached in several of our meetings.

Through Troens Bevis Verdens Evangelisering, Karisma Church is involved in mission in several countries, focusing on Central Asia, Africa and among Muslims via 24-hour satellite TV in Arabic, with a potential 330 million viewers.

From 13th to 22nd February, Tormod Røyland had a successful and full program on a trip to India where he visited friends and co-partners of the church in Maranatha Ministries (Moses Choudary). On the same trip, he was also part of the preachers’ seminar and team initiative held by Troens Bevis and Rune Edvardsen in

Hyderabad simultaneously. The goal of this trip was chiefly to build relations with our co-partners.

The members of the Mission Council have been Barbro Christensen, Kristin Elstrøm, Tarjei Indrebø, Grete Olsen (since autumn 2013) and Tormod Røyland. The task of the Mission Council is to manage the mission budget, have contact with our international partners, plan mission events, ensure information about mission, and inspire others for mission and team trips.

5. Arenas
International Fellowship has had 4 great meetings with about 50 people. At the forefront of for KIF’s leadership group is Julius Mba and a committee.

Englevakt (guardian angels) has seen a renewal of the work in the autumn of 2013. Karisma Church, led by Anders Sørensen re-established “Englevakt”, and changed the day from Saturday to the original day, which was Friday. This has given a rise in the number of “Englevakt” participants in the town-centre on Friday evenings. The work concentrates on prayer for the city and evangelism.

Karisma Autumn Bible School had teaching on various topics, spanning 9 weeks from September to November. Up to as many as 29 took part. There was feedback from many that the concentrated Bible teaching was of great value to them.

6. Other Highlights of 2013

* Saturday 19th January. Day Seminar with Pastor Tormod Røyland, “Communication and Marriage”. 40 participants.

* February. The toilets in the basement were redecorated.

* We organized two evangelistic «Sunday Cafes» with «Stories of Jesus» from Arnfinn Clementsen’s book, with Arnfinn as the speaker, and invited singers.

* 27th February to 3rd March. Visit of evangelist and missionary Karen Zelfimyan from Ukraine / Moldova.

* Monday 25th February to 6th May. «A Good Conversation» with Bernt Torgussen. Up to 62 participants followed two exciting courses.

* Sunday 10th March and 29th December. Family days organized by Children’s Karisma.

* Sunday 28th April. Celebration Service for our 11 confirmation candidates.

* Saturday 25th May. Global Outreach Day. Evangelism and «concert» in the town square. Together with other churches in Stavanger. Karisma Church took the initiative and was responsible for the production. .

* Sunday 25th August. Karisma Church celebrated Arnfinn Clementsen’s 60th birthday. The church, fellow preachers, representatives from Sola town council, along with the mayor were present.

* 30th August – 1st September. Successful church weekend at Utsyn, Finnøy.

* Prayer for Norway and the general election. A 3-week period with prayer meetings 3 times a week up to Election Day on 9th September.

* September and October. Karisma Church hosted the first and second modules of Coaching Academy with 20 participants. The course was organized by Sandvik Folkehøyskole in cooperation with Karisma Church.

* 19th October. Karisma Church opened its doors for the regional conference «Led Rogaland» for the third year running. Approximately 300 leaders from the Pentecostal churches in Rogaland met for a wonderful daylong conference on the topic “I will build my church for lifelong discipleship”.

7. Schools
Stavanger Kristne Grunnskole is run as an independent foundation with its own board, but has its basis in

the churches Kristen Tjeneste and Karisma Church.

Karisma Church’s application to Stavanger City Council, for permission to erect an extra school building for Stavanger Kristne Grunnskole on Karisma Church’s site, was sent to the council on 29th February. It was finally approved by Stavanger City Council in November. This was a milestone for the building project, which we have worked on for a long time.

The church runs Jazzper kulturskole (school of culture), where various instruments are taught. In the autumn of 2013, Stian Austerheim began new courses with 39 students. Together with the instructors, he does a great job for the school of culture.

8. Finance Financially, 2013 has been a challenging year, but also a year of victory. The first half of the year posed liquidation problems which led to an acute situation in the autumn. The board and the church administration worked on various measures for reducing expenditure, while at the same time we launched the vision Sundays “Heart for Karisma Church”, which also released new joy in giving. The trend in tithes and gifts was reversed, and the accounts reveal a profit. We are grateful for the faithfulness we see in giving.

9. Membership Overview for 2013 The number of members on 31.12.2013 was 486, of which 181 are children and adherents. The church had a net growth of 9 members, compared with the previous year.

* Baptized: 13

* Baby dedications: 4

* Confirmed (Tentro): 10

10. Conclusion
It is with thanks to God and the church that I write this, my fourth annual report for Karisma Church. Life with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, and the preaching of the World of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, is the mandate and calling we hold to. It gives spiritual growth in our lives, focus for our priorities and steerage in the work of the church. At the same time, I pray and believe we shall see more people saved, see more of God’s power in action in the services, life groups and meetings. We see some of it, but we want to see so much more. We believe in equipping the whole church to make Jesus known and visible for our neighbours, the city of Stavanger, our country, and indeed to the ends of the earth. We feel how the Spirit encourages us, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? (Is. 43;19).

For Karisma Church 5th March 2014

Tormod A. Røyland
Senior pastor


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