Annual report 2009

Dear church!
I would like to begin this annual report by thanking God for His faithfulness and grace. I am in my 29th year as pastor of the church, and when I look back I can see God's good and faithful hand. When I look forward I know that the best is yet to come!
The church is God's plan and will for all people, and in an atmosphere of God's love and of faith in what Jesus has done, the church will have good conditions for growth and great prospects.

1. Karisma Church/ Karisma Senter in 2009
The service and Sunday school for children is always the highlight of the church week. Along side this; good work is being done in the many different departments, where there is enjoyment and joy, involvement and faith!
Karisma Church is a church with wonderful people of all age-groups, and with great growth potential. We see that the church is becoming more and more international and diverse, and our new members from different nations are a blessing. Especially among the youth and the internationals, we see that new people are coming.
The church is also involved in missionary work with the main focus on India and Kazakhstan.

Here are some of this year's highlights:
My New Year's seminar in January 2009 had the motto, «Blessed». It was about all that we have received in Jesus Christ. It was a special pleasure to have former central co-workers in the church; Dag Arild Valand, Svein Egil Fikstvedt and Tormod Røyland participating with their own particular topics.

From 13th - 15th March we had a weekend of meetings with Wynne Lewis, and this was one of his last engagements before he died just over a week later. Wynne Lewis has meant a lot to me personally throughout the years, and we thank God for his life and ministry, and his influence on our church.

Karisma Celebration, from 21st to 24th May was a great conference with the motto,
«Good news for all».

Other highlights were «Family days» and the autumn visit from the «Evangeliesenter» (gospel centre) from 30th Oct to 1st Nov.

2. Pastor and leadership
At the church meeting on 7th June 2009, the church gave almost unanimous support to the proposal of the leadership council to call Tormod Røyland as new senior pastor of the church from August 2010. We look forward to Irene and Tormod and the children coming in the summer. For Liss-Bente and me it is a great joy that they have said yet to this call.
Personally, I look forward to give the baton to my successor, and to minister in and with the church in a new and different way.

John Magne Gundersen, Mariann Skålevik and Liss-Bente Clementsen concluded their term on the leadership council last year. Harald Vindenes and Christine Todnem took up posts on the council.
In addition, the leadership council throughout the year has consisted of Jan Inge Espedal, Steinar Helgestad, Vigdis Håland and Arvid Thorsheim

3. Stavanger Christian School
We rejoice over the growth and development of Stavanger Christian School. It is a pleasure for us to have the school on our premises. The school is run as an independent foundation with its own board, but has its basis in the churches, Kristen Tjeneste and Karisma Church. Both the school staff, leadership, and the school board are very optimistic in relation to the future and growth.
4. Finance
2009 has been a good year financially. Tithes and gifts have increased slightly in relation to last year. The accounts reveal a surplus of 367236 NOK before depreciation which lies at kr. 575.565,-
We thank each member for the faithfulness we see in giving.

5. Membership statistics for 2009
The number of members at the end of 2009 was 467, including 156 adherents of the church (children of members). This is a small drop from the previous year.

6. Exiting process
The last couple of years we have focused more strongly on reaching out to new people, especially the younger generation. This has also characterized 2009. We do not want to be a church that is introverted and self-absorbed, but open and including. At the same time we see that turning a church from being introverted to being out-going and «crossing over» to be a church that means even more for the town and those «outside» is a demanding process.
This is no less important with regards the future.
But herein lies also a strong and positive motivation and will to take new paths and to direct our efforts!

7. Thanks
Liss-Bente and I would like to extend a special thank you to the leadership council, staff, department leaders and the many, many good co-workers in all areas of the church, for their efforts and cooperation throughout the year.
We want to express a warm thank you to all the congregation for your love, support and prayers throughout this year and every year we have served among you.

Stavanger 10th March 2010

Arnfinn Clementsen

Karisma Church's vision is
- to be a church that preaches the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that people are changed and enter into God's plan for their lives.


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