A Jubilant Karisma Celebration

- A powerful challenge to live as a Christian in everyday life
"Karisma Celebration 2010" in Stavanger was a jubilant occasion for the
church and friends, acquaintances and new people, children and adults,
young and old, Norwegians and foreigners.

«This is a conference that will leave powerful marks both on individuals and
on the church. In summary, the teaching was a powerful challenge to live bold
and natural everyday lives as Christians,»
says an enthusiastic Pastor Arnfinn
Clementsen following the conclusion of the 24th Karisma conference in Stavanger.

Egil Svartdahl

On Ascention Day, Norway's very own TV-pastor, Egil Svartdahl preached
with great appeal, with his relevant and engaging sermon about Ascention
Day and what it means for us.

Crossing over
On Friday and Saturday, Kai and Stina Johansen, pastors of Sørlandskirken
(South Church) continued with practical and exciting teaching. Kai Johansen's
leadership seminar, «Crossing over» was specific and radical about how we
can build churches which are outward-reaching, relevant, soul-winning and

Rune Edvardsen on Saturday evening

On Saturday evening, the missions leader and evangelist, Rune Edvardsen
spoke. He gave a strong, personal message with the title «My inspiration».
He vividly portrayed how God had opened doors and used him in impossible
situations, and he encouraged everyone to be evangelists in «their world».
God wants to use everyone, proclaimed Edvardsen, and challenged each
individual to be himself/herself and to serve God in their world every single

Powerful finale on Sunday morning
Sunday morning was a true celebration. Four young people were baptized,
and the jubilation was enormous during the conclusion of the service as
Norwegians and Africans danced and praised the Lord. Pastor Arnfinn
Clementsen had a relevant message: «Single Christian or team-player».

Single Christian or team-player
Nobody is called to be a single Christian. We have a place in the body of
Christ. Clementsen spoke about the value of being involved in a local church.
Together we can change the world, said Clementsen who was unusually
personal as he related from his own life during the period when Karisma
Chruch emerged through struggles and resistance. «Liss-Bente and I
understood after a while that this was not about giving a few years, but about
laying down one's life
, said Clementsen.


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