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Karisma Church is an open and inclusive church. We want to accomodate people so that they enjoy the services and meetings, and make friends in the church. One can therefore be a "friend" of the church regardless of where one is in a process of faith and doubt. No-one who comes to our services will be pushed into anything. At the same time, we believe it is God plan for all people to belong to a church, a spiritual home. Those who have received Jesus as Saviour have become a part of God's worldwide church, and it is then both right and natural to find one's place in a particular church in the local area. Karisma Church caters for this.

How to become a member
• All born-again Christians are welcome as members of the church.
• It is natural to attend the church for a while in order to feel security and belonging before signing up fo membership.
An important part of this may be finding one's place in a life group (small groups meeting in the homes).
• Before becoming a member of the church, one is required to attend a membership course. Here we cover the vision of the church, values, faith and doctrine, leadership structure and membership requirements, so that everyone knows and is secure about what they are involving themselves in.
• Practical procedure:
The following papers should be filled out and returned:
* "Application for membership"
* Birth certificate from the national register (up to date) fra folkeregisteret
* Cancellation of membership from previous denomination/church if applicable
* Passport size photo
When the necessary papers have been supplied, membership is authorized by the pastor. Following this, the person concerned will receive a confirmation of membership from the church office, and be invited to a Sunday service to be received as a member.
• The age limit for full membership is 15
• Foreign nationals
In this case, the persons concerned do not need to present a cancellation of membership from their homeland, but they need to provide "Application for membership" and a birth certificate or other documentation.
• Guest membership
For short-term students and others who are in the Stavanger area for a period of one year, for example, guest membership may be granted. One does not need to cancel membership in a previous church, but only to supply the other papers.

Membership roll and registration
• The church keeps a membership roll for all members. Children of members are included on the membership roll according to the parents' wishes.
• The church will be a registered church with the rights and duties this implies, as long as such a registration does not involve anything in conflict with the church's convictions (In accordance with the Norwegian Law about Church Denominations of 13th June, 1969).



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