Senior pastor
The senior pastor is the vision-bearer of the church and spiritual leader. He fronts the work of the church together with his spouse as pastoral couple. The senior pastor is the leader of the church board.
The senior pastor is Tormod Røyland.

The church board/ leadership council
The senior pastor's closest colleagues are those on the leadership council and the church board.
The leadership council and the church board, together with the pastor constitute the church leadership.
The leadership council is made up of pastors and leaders in leading positions, along with at least two other members of the church who have appropriate ministries and qualifications. Members of the leadership council should be spiritually mature and be good examples, and have the confidence of the church.

The leadership council of Karisma Church:
Tormod Røyland, senior pastor
Jan Inge Espedal, pastor
Odd Espeland
Steinar Helgestad, administrator
Julius Mba
Irene Røyland
Ole Georg Røyland
Christine Todnem

Leadership and work team
The church has a management and administration which takes care of the overall work. The work of the church is divided into departments with department leaders/work groups; for example children, youth, worship, usher ministry, mission, building and property, multimedia, cafeteria etc. It is all the voluntary workers who make it possible to run the extensive work of the church.

For further contact; call+47 51 91 18 80 during office hours from Tuesday - Friday 10:00-2:00pm.



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