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We hope you will enjoy being in the church. Karisma Church is a positiv, vibrant and relevant church with people of all age-groups. We are different people with the common experience of a good God, who makes life worth living. Our aim is to make every-day life for those around us a better one. The Bible´s message of forgiveness, love and joy is still the best recipe for a good life on earth, with a heaven that awaits us.

Karisma Church is located in Stavanger, and the church is basis for a large ministry locally, nationally and internationally. Karisma Church is an independent church, with affiliation to the Pentecostal movement in Norway. Karisma Church is part of the «evangelical Christian family» in our country.

A church for our times
The history of the church goes back all the way to the first part of the last century when the Pentecostal revival broke out in the country. The church was originally founded in 1916. Following a powerful time of renewal in the 80's, resulting in great changes and many new people, the church was restructured in 1988, and from January 1992 established itself as an independent, unaffiliated church with a clear vision and structure. The church is marked by faith in the Holy Spirit and the power of the Bible, the Word of God. Karisma Church is a church that lives in renewal and change!

Vision, faith and values
Karisma Church is an independent, evangelical church built according to the pattern of the New Testament. The goal is to see the church in the same power and relevance as the first church in the Acts of the Apostles. Karisma Church has a clear vision where the key words are, people, church and mission. Karisma Church believes in the Bible as the Word of God and precept for life.
The church defines itself with values such as: Generous, inclusive, near, trustworthy and challenging!

Meetings and fields of ministry
The church's main meeting is the Sunday service - SUNDAY 12. This is when the whole church gathers for teaching and worship. Parallel to the teaching for the adults, the children have their own Kids Church organized according to age-group. The church's services are marked by a youthful style in praise and worship, and fresh and lively preaching and teaching. An atmosphere of love, faith and expectation characterizes both the services and other fields of work. The church meetings are translated into English, and sometimes into sign-language.

We have reacently planted a new Church fellowship targeting the young adults (18 - 28 years) every second Sunday. 'SUNDAY 19' is a growing community, and everyone is welcome, even if you are younger or older!

Karisma Church is an international church with members from over 15 different nations. During the course of the week there are children's work, youth meetings, teaching, groups for newly saved, prayer and other activities for various groups.

Life groups
Life groups are small groups meeting at home to develop the social and spiritual fellowship. Meeting every other week, and consisting of 5 to 12 persons. Each group are shaped according to gender, age and geography if possible. You can take part in relevant teaching from the Services, have good conversations, time for praying and intercession, building relationships and invite friends to join.

We're always ready to expand - starting new groups for both youth and adults. If you want to join a life group, please contact us! You can send an email to head of Life group department - christine@karisma.no or call 51 91 18 80 (Tues - Fri 10 am - 14 pm).

An influential church
Karisma Church is not a church in isolation. The church is influential in the local community as well as further afield in the country, and the chief focus is to communicate the good news - the gospel of Jesus Christ to people. The church's highest priority is to win new people for Jesus, and all work is fuelled by faith in Jesus Christ as the solution to people's needs. Several times a year the church organizes seminars and conferences which unite Christians from different spheres. The church sends out missionaries and teams to different places in the world, and preacher's seminars and meeting series are arranged. The main mission fields to day are India, Uganda and South-east Asia. Karisma Church is also involved in humanitarian aid throu prodjects to several countries.

Stavanger Christian School
The church also has its own primary and secondary school, Stavanger Christian School, which is run together with the church, "Kristen Tjeneste". At present there are approximately 130 pupils from 1st to 10th grades. The school rents modern premises from Karisma Church in additon to their own new facility.

Pastor and leadership
Karisma Church is led by the senior pastor, Tormod Røyland who, together with his wife, Irene, makes up the pastoral couple. Tormod Røyland came to the church in 2010 then the church called him to take the resonsabilty when Arnfinn Clementsen decided to give batton futher. Tormod Røyland worked longside with Arnfinn Clementsen as an assisting pastor from 1997 to 2005. The pastoral couple's closest co-workers are the members of the Leadership Council. This comprises preachers and leaders who have a clear responsibility for the church's daily management and pastoral care. In addition there are the life group leaders and department leaders of various fields, and within these departments, many voluntary and faithful co-workers make it possible for the church to run its extensive work.

Karisma Church operates a large field of work locally, nationally and internationally, and this is a great financial challenge. The church wishes to be a channel of God's blessing in the financial area, and significant amounts of all that is received by the church go directly to various mission projects in different countries in the form of church-growing, evangelism and help to the poor. Most of the church's financial means are given by its members and other friends. Emphasis is placed on the Biblical teaching on tithing (the giving of 10 percent of one's income to the church). This is voluntary, but many experience that giving brings blessing.

Membership in Karisma Church
All born-again Christians are welcome as members of Karisma Church. It is important to attend the church for a while in order to feel a sense of belonging and security before applying for membership. In this period one gets to know the church's vision, goals, preaching and spiritual course, and one will meet various leaders and workers in the church. Those who wish, or who want to learn more about membership are invited to "Connect". There, one of the church's pastors and other central leaders will share the church's faith, vision and structure, so that each can know beforehand what membership involves.
Karisma Church warmly welcomes you as a member of the church!

Key dates of the history

1916: Zion Church (Pentecostal) is established in Stavanger

1981: Arnfinn Clementsen becomes the pastor of Zion Church, Stavanger.

1985-1988 Powerful time of renewal in the church, resulting in major changes. A new vision, new leadership structure and new praise and worship is born.

1988: October 1988: Reorganization of Karisma Senter Church. The general assembly votes in favour of the new name and new by-laws/guidelines comprising the vision, structure, leadership model and conditions of membership. A new foundation is laid for a new era!

1989: Autumn 89: The church encounters a difficult time with struggles. About 80 members leave the church in October, wishing to "re-create" the old Pentecostal church with the name, "Zion". Upon
agreement, they take over the Zion-building at no cost.

1990: 1st May: As agreed, Karisma Senter moves out of Zion and rents the old revival building, Bethania (today, "Stavangeren") for their meetings during the coming few years.

1991: January-March: All members are asked to confirm/renew their membership in Karisma Senter following the developments that have taken place.

1992: The church leaves the Pentecostal movement and establishes itself as an independent church.
Further developments to the leadership model/by-laws are approved by the general assembly. The pastor chooses a new leadership team, and the new church model continues to take shape.

1993: Work on the new building, "Karisma Senter", commences and the premises are complete at the beginning of 1994.

1994 - Karisma Senter fortifies and develops its vision and calling, and takes on its form and structure.
A foundation is laid for the future!
A church for a new era - we continue to build!

1995: The Bible school is started by Arnfinn Clementsen's initiative.

2000: The elementary/senior school "Friskolen Vest" is started.
The school building is completed
Friskolen Vest and Stavanger Kristne Friskole join to form "Stavanger Kristne Grunnskole" (Stavanger Christian School) in Karisma Senter's school building.
In the academic year of 2010/2011, the school has 100 pupils from 1st to 10th grade

2010: January: Karisma Senter changes its name to "Karisma Church", and joins the Pentecostal movement in Norway as a national network.

2010: August: A new pastor/pastoral couple, Tormod and Irene Røyland take over on 1st August 2010. Arnfinn and Liss-Bente Clementsen step down as senior pastor/pastoral couple after 29 years of ministry, and enter into a new function with the church as their base. 

2015: Agust: An additional new school building is ready. The capasity of the school is now apporximal 200 pupils.

2017: Planting a new Service community "in the house": SUNDAY 19.


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