Karisma Church
Karisma Church is an international church with members from about 20 nations.
The number of international group members and service attendance are a huge blessing to Karisma Church.

NEWS! Sunday service at 12 p.m. - main service with transaltion! (From august 12th).
Every service and most of the church programs have translation to English through wireless headphones.
In the praise and worship part, songs are sung in English as well as in the Norwegian language.

International Fellowship

Two or three times every half year, we have a special ”International Fellowship” on Friday evenings.People from different countries prepare the food, and people sing, dance and and giving testemonies. Those meetings are annonunced at the bottom of these site when it approces.
The leader for International Fellowship is __.

Life groups
Karisma Church has Life groups for men and women. These groups meet together in private homes every second week.
We have groups in English language as well as Norwegian.
You can get more information about these groups at our services.

Welcome to Karisma Church!

Adjunkt Hauglandsgate 52, Stokka, 4022 Stavanger
Phone: +47 51911880
E-mail: post@karisma.no


Fokus på forfulgte kristne i Pakistan

av Sajid Christoffer Paul

Hør budskapet fra gudstjenesten på søndag her!

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Fokus på forfulgte kristne i Pakistan Fokus på forfulgte kristne i Pakistan