September 2011 - KEEP FOCUS

TEXT: Matt 4; 18- 20

What does it mean to follow Jesus in the 20th century? We focus on the theme through three key words: UP - IN - OUT. The Christian life is lived in these three dimensions.
In general, many truths are described 3-fold: eg good health: 1) Sleep and rest 2) Food and drink 3) Exercise. So it is in our Christian life - it is composed of three important dimensions that hang together. If one of them is blurred and unclear - when will we develop spiritual deficiencies.

1. Keep focus on the dimension: UP - communion with God

1) God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord. 1 Cor.1:9
- Fellowship: In sense of belonging and identity in God.

2) The standard of relationship
- God's faithfulness - that is the highest quality of a relationship
- If we are faithless, He is faithful, he cannot deny himself.

2. Keep focus on the dimension: IN - your identity (to be) and your character (to do)
Early in church history we see that the church fathers made some points on the spiritual disciplines to ensure that we constantly grew in our faith - biblical principles.

1) Living in the Word (Bible Reading - Bible meditation).
- The Bible will build your relationship with God and adjust your thoughts.
2) Staying in prayer
- Prayer involves God in your life and preserves you from the wrong type of anxiety (fear).
3) Live in the church
- The christian life complies best with other people
- Plant your life in the church - be committed and wholehearted.
4) Confession - find your ACCOUNTABILITY PERSON
- Confess your sin and weakness of character. A accountability person will help you to live in the light.
5) Giving.
- The giving to the kingdom of God and the church, is a heart response to God's word.

3. Right focus on the dimension: OUT - missional lifestyle

1) A missional life - on behalf of the Kingdom of God!
- An attitude and awareness in our lives.
2) Matt 28: 18: Go into all the world. The mission of all Christians of all times!
- God calls us to be His witnesses! Kingdom ambassadors.
3) Find Your PEOPLE OF PEACE (Mat 10, 11 - 14)
- A man who opens his heart to you and appreciate you (Christ in you), and you will appreciate him.

To talk about:
Why is UP - IN - OUT dimensions so important for a Christian?
Talk on each point of UP - IN - OUT.
Discuss the compliance between UP - IN - OUT.



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