October 2010 - A CHURCH IN HARMONY

A church in harmony is a church with the right "tension" or balance. It's like a guitar: If the strings are too loose, the guitar will be out of tune and dissonant. If the strings are too tight, they will snap. Harmony is created when the strings have the right tension, and where the strings are tuned in relation to each other. In addition, all the strings need to be tuned according to the key note. The key note in the church is always Jesus! His grace and love is always consitute the key chord.Paul says in 1.Cor 1;10 "I have a serious concern to bring up with you, my friends, using the authority of Jesus, our Master. I'll put it as urgently as I can: You must get along with each other. You must learn to be considerate of one another, cultivating a life in common." We understand from this scripture that there were conflicts also in the early church. Church life isn't automatically smooth! It needs to be cultivated and developed in order to be harmonic. Just as a family consists of different personalities and different gifts and abilities, and all the family members need to respect each other and help each other along, so the church as God's family should deal with tensions in the right way. God will then be able to use the church for the glory of God and the blessing of sinners.

FREEDOM is freedom from sin, perdition, curse, and the devil's authority and rule. We believe in the freedom of the individual. Jesus said: Whoever desires(IN FREEDOM) to follow me, let him take up his cross and follow me (RESPONSIBILITY) Paul said:- For liberty has Christ freed me (FREEDOM)
The same Paul said, " To the weak I became as weak, that I might gain the weak: I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some" (1.Cor 9;22) (RESPONSIBILITY)

In Karisma Church we think, "Everyone is free and can take on responsibility". Responsibility is like a fresh-food product - the date runs out. Keep your heart warm! If your heart is warm you will love the church and invest in the church.

What is this? The relationship between faith and wisdom. Style and methods get out of date. Society determines the style, but not the content! Youth should have respect for the older generation! LISTEN! The older generation should be generous and give room to the youth. The mature and older people should allowed themselves to be inspired by the drive, faith, inspiration and "craziness"! We need each other!! We are a multi-generational church, but we have made up our minds to have our chief focus on the youth!
We need to win new people in order to have some to take care of! Otherwise we will die out within a couple of generations!

For discussion:
- What kind of "balances" should a church have, and what kind of tensions should a church not have?
- Discuss what Christian freedom and Christian responsibility/duty is. Is there a relationship between them?
- How is it a downfall when the church only takes care of or protects what it has?
- How is only winning new people a downfall?



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