October 2009 - Church like Jesus

1 John 4:19 because as He is, so are we in this world

What is it to be a Christian - and what is it to be a church in our world?
Jesus is our example . We shall live His life - in his power and by his grace!
We shall be "Christians as Jesus" and "Churches like Jesus"!

1. Identity
2 Cor 5:17
Our identity is in Christ - we are Christians, children of God, new creature in Him
We are the salt on earth and the light of this world - Jesus present in this world!
We are the church. We do not go to the church - Church is something we are!!

2. Mission
John 17:18
We must never lose focus on our mission!
The church - you and I - are here for the sake of the world
We are given to this world!

3. Social
The passion of Jesus was people! He loved them.
He was always on the side of the sinners - and always on the side of the weak ones!
Matt 9:36
We shall, as Jesus, be social people - building relations with people!

4. Supernatural natural
True Christianity is supernatural in its nature. We are called to live yhis life!
John 14:12

Talk about
how Jesus was - and how we can be like him in every of this 4 areas.
Think practical and be concrete!




Takk = Nåde

av Tormod Røyland

Denne talen handler om at ‘takk’ peker på Guds nåde. Det nye testamentet har ikke ett eget ord for takk. Det ordet som brukes som takk, er «nåde». Vi kjenner det igjen fra italiensk og spansk (graci og gracias) som likner på det engelske ordet «grace» (nåde). Vi forstår da at ‘takk’ peker på Guds nåde.

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