We are saved by faith (see last Bible study), to a life in faith.
Read together Romains 4, 13 - 25 and Romains 1; 17

1. FAITH OF SALVATION (= justified by faith).
This is the universal belief in the sense that it includes us and is the entrance to the community with God. To you who do not confess Jesus as your personal Savior, and to those who struggle with assurance of salvation - note this:

A. Abraham was called Abram until God called him.
Abram did not know God. He was not a "Christian". God called Abram, and Abram accepted the call. Abram got a new name: Abraham - "h" is the spiritual letter in hebrew - the Spirit of God came upon Abraham. Rightousness and the gift of salvation was given to Abraham by faith! See Romans 4;16.

B. We are saved in the same way, by faith in Jesus! God has called us in Jesus Christ and we can accept his gift, just as Abraham did by faith.
Example: Immigrants to Norway must have a residence permit. It provides access to the country and access to all benefits in the land. The residence permit can be compared with faith. Believe in Jesus makes you a citizen of the kingdom of heaven, saves us by faith in Jesus and gives you access to and all rights in God.

C. Salvation by faith is a gift, given to you undeserved and free.
Read Romans 4; 13 You see that "the law" in this verse is man's own effort or ability. "I'm not good enough to be a Christian, I do not deserve the gift of God." That's true. You don´t deserve it. Yet you get the gift of salvation. Because Romans 3: 24 says: Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. In other words: You do not need to do something - just recieve it.

1. Why is it so difficult for people to believe in the gospel?
2. What kind of things is the hinder to people to believe?
3. How can we make the path of faith easier for people?
4. Spend time to pray for your "people of peace".



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