March 2010 - What the Christian life is all about

Sit/ relax - ( Ephes 1:1 - 3:21)

It is not about what you do, but about what Jesus has done
This is not a religion, but a new life!
Ephes 1:17-23
Ephes 2:4-10

To sit means to REST with ALL OUR WEIGHT on JESUS
and what HE HAS DONE


Walk/ Live the life - (Ephes 4:1 - 6:9)

It is not about to struggle, but to live
To live from the inner source - God in us by The Holy Spirit!
John 4:14
Growth and change from the inside out because of the new life within

Ephes 4:1-3


Stand/ Stand fast - (Ephes 6:10-6:24)

It's not about what you feel or do, but about what Jesus did for you

Ephes 6:10-13

Stand firm and remain staying - not in your own power, but in His power


Talk about:

-the importance of building a Christian life solely on what Jesus has done

- the difference between living religious by your own effort - and to live and
grow out of the fact that Jesus lives in you

-what it means that Jesus victory is your victory
-how this basic truths will influence your relations to people outside church



Fokus på forfulgte kristne i Pakistan

av Sajid Christoffer Paul

Hør budskapet fra gudstjenesten på søndag her!

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Fokus på forfulgte kristne i Pakistan Fokus på forfulgte kristne i Pakistan