January 2010 - Heal the world

Luk 5:17-26

The power of God present in the church (the body of Christ)
Luk 5:17
Matt 18:20
Through the Word, The Holy Spirit, the name of Jesus

Your sins are forgiven
Peoples main problem is sin!
What is our message for them?
Luke 5:20
2Kor 5:18-19
Koll 2:14

Be healed - Be whole
Jesus gave his life for the whole man - The reconciliation
Luke 5:24-26
2Kor 5:19-20
We shall bring Gods healing love and power to this world
That means healing in relations - and physical and mental healing

Talk about:
What is our main message to this world?
What is it to be in the ministry of reconciliation?
How can we communicate the healing power of God to people?



Fokus på forfulgte kristne i Pakistan

av Sajid Christoffer Paul

Hør budskapet fra gudstjenesten på søndag her!

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Fokus på forfulgte kristne i Pakistan Fokus på forfulgte kristne i Pakistan