February 2011 - On location

At some point in their lives, most people will ask themselves: What is the meaning and purpose of my life?!
Read Matthew 5: 14-16

Often, the questions may arise especially when you have "settled down". This phase of everyday life may be in contrast to children and teen years.
We can call them the MOMENTUM YEARS. Childhood were full of adventures and new experiences. In particular, the teen years - new things happend all the time. What now?


1. Jesus said, "You are the light of the world!
a) light = your life. There you are with your life (for better or worse) as a believer, you are the light in a dark world.
b) What does it mean to be light?
- On location - you're Jesus in this world. On location - you are an ambassador for the kingdom of God. On location - you are a mirror that reflects God's love to others.

2. Worth knowing about the light
a) You are not a candle - burning out - this is not a legalistic life where we should perform in our own strength.
b) You are like an oil lamp - with container and week - it's not light on fire, but the oil (Holy Spirit) is burning.
c) Galatians 2: 20 I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.
d) You are strategically located - where you are - as a light in your world.
- Strategic, in your family, your extended family, your job, your circle of friends, at school.
- You say: "I did not want to move into this neighborhood - This job was not my first choice - It愀 just random!
- God says NO. For you it may seem as a coincidence - but for others it was the answer to prayer!

We need to recognize and begin to live based on the conviction that God has a purpose for my life on locaton!
WHERE YOU ARE - God has a greater plan for you! Where you are, people are supposed to get something of Jesus and the kingdom of God through you!

To talk about:
- How can we, on location, be light in the world.
- Look up Galatians 2: 20 and discuss what it means "Christ lives in me."



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