April 2010 - Relationship with God

Basic truths - Paul`s letter to the Ephesians
Teaching from Sunday Service April 11th 2010

By pastor Arnfinn Clementsen

Ephes 6:18-19

Prayer is personal relationship with God
1Thes 5:17

The foundation for the prayer relation with God is what Jesus has done
Prayer is not about a special place - or form, but about relationship with God
We do not pray to get God to do something, but to cooperate with him

Prayer is not about to perform or to deserve something , but to recieve

Matt 6:5-8

The prayer relation changes your every day life

Phil 4:6

You can always share your heart with God in prayer and with thanks

The prayer relation will keep you awake in relation to your feelings, temptations, surcomstanses and the enemies attack

The prayer relation will open up your life for new possibilities and Gods guidance - every day

Somebody needs your prayers to day

Do not have a self centered prayer life - God knows what you need!

Ephes 6:18 / 1Tim 2:1-4

Talk about :

- what is prayer

- how we can pray always

- how yhe prayer relationship with God is a power in your every day life

- the importance of praying for others



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